Janet A. Gourlay

Scottish woman traveler and archaeologist who studied briefly under Petrie at University College London and who was introduced in Luxor, Egypt to Margaret Benson (q.v.) in 1896. Benson held the concession to excavate the precinct of the goddess Mut at Karnak and she took Janet Gourlay on as an assistant for two seasons, 1896 and 1897. The two women became close friends and Miss Gourlay was also helpful in co-authoring the report of the work, which appeared as a book in 1899. Miss Gourlay also co-authored an article with Professor Percy Newberry, which published two monuments of Mentu-em-hat, which Benson's expedition had found in the Mut precinct, one of which is the famous portrait bust of him now in the Cairo Museum.

Author of biography: William H. Peck
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Keywords: Henry O. Gourlay, Agnes Christine Burell, Dundee, Margaret Benson, Lady Jane Lindsey, Temple of Mut, Karnak, Flinders Petrie, University College London, Mentu-em-het, P.E. Newberry

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Breaking Ground: Pioneering Women Archaeologists
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