Luisa Banti

Italian expert on the Etruscan and Minoan civilizations, born in Florence and educated at its university, her doctoral dissertation concerned the site of Luni and her post-doctoral thesis was on the cult of the dead in archaic Rome. Prof. G. Devoto initroduced her to the field of Etruscan studies and L. Pernier trained her in its archaeology. Her first published researches centered on historical topography. In the 1930's she spent summers on Crete with the Italian Archaeological Mission and worked on organizing and publishing artifacts discovered earlier in the century at Festos and Haghia Triada, completing the work of Pernier with a second volume on the Minoan palace of Festos. She also reconstructed and published the excavation of the villa and village of Haghia Triada. Her interest in Minoan religion resulted in several articles and a post in the History of Religions Department at the University of Rome. In 1948 Banti received the chair of Archaeology and History of Greek and Roman Art of the University of Pavia, but went on in 1952 to the Chair of Etruscan Studies and Italic Archaeology of the University of Florence. From then on she concentrated on Etruscan studies serving as Board Member and President of the Istituto di Studi Etruschi from 1965-1972. Her best known work, appearing in several languages, is Il mondo degli Etruschi

Author of biography: G. Camporeale
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Keywords: Guido Banti, University of Florence, L. Pareti, G. Pasquali, G. Dervoto, Etruscan, L. Pernier, Museo Archeologico of Florence, D. Diringer, F. Magi, P. Mingazzini, A. Neppi Modona, Istituto di Studi Etruschi, A. Minto, Luni, Vatican Library, Columbia University, Institute for Advanced Studies of Princeton, F. Halbherr, R. Pariberri, E. Stefani, Heraklion, Pigorini Museum, Festos, Haghia Triada, A. Di Vita, Minoan religion, Minoan civilization, University of Rome, Capitoline triad, R. Pettazzoni, Apollo, Etruria, Tarquinia, Poggio al Moro, Chiusi, Ripaaie, G. Becatti

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