Medea Norsa

Born in 1877, Medea Norsa was a philologist and papyriologist who was expert in Greek and Latin Egyptian texts. She worked on Egyptian archaeological expeditions as a papyriologist and acquired texts for Italian collections while teaching papyriology at the University of Florence. She died in 1952 in Florence.

Author of biography: Lucia Criscuolo
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Keywords: Aegyptus, Association Internationale de Papyrologues, Austria, Brecia, Egypt, Florence, “Gabinetto dei Papiri”, Gentile, Greek, Italian, Jew, “Paperi Greci e Latini della Societa Italiana per la ricerca dei papyri”, Papyriologist, Papyrology, Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, Societa Italiana per la ricerca dei papyri, Trieste, Vienna University, Vitelli, University of Florence, Wein University.

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