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951.Jewish History and the CatskillsShalom Goldman
952.Rekindling Yiddishkeit in the CatskillsPhil Brown
953.Gangsters in the CatskillsJohn Conway

961.Reading the Borscht BeltShalom Goldman
962.The Bungalow Colony From Kuchalein to CottageIrwin Richman
963.Reminiscences About the CatskillsFreddy Roman
964.Hotel LifePhil Brown
965.Catskill SynagoguesMaurie Sacks
966.A Woodridge KuchalaynSonia Pressman Fuentes
967.Paradise, New YorkEileen Pollack
968.Once a KingdomMartin Boris
969.The Culture of Bungalow Colonies TodayShira Dicker
96A.American Jewish Culture and the CatskillsShalom Goldman
96B.The Hotel CultureShalom Goldman
96C.From Woodridge to WoodstockShalom Goldman

971.Musicians in the CatskillsHenry Foner
972.Religion in the CatskillsJenna Weisman Joselit
973.Hotel Owners Keeping Alive the CatskillsEllen Halbert
974.Jewish Farmers and the CatskillsClarence Steinberg
975.Jewish Literature and the CatskillsShalom Goldman
976.The Culture of the CatskillsVivian Gornik
977.Bungalow Colony LifeIrwin Richman

981.The African-American Population of Sullivan County From l930-l980Myra Armstead
982.A reading of the novella “The Wedding Jester”Steve Stern, Author
983.A reading of “Paradise, New York”Eileen Pollack, Author
984.Grine Felder: The Yiddishist Bungalow ColonyMartin Boris
985.How I Made “Sweet Lorraine”Steve Gomer, Screenwriter & Director
986.Klezmer. “The First 500 Years”Henry Sapoznik
987.Hotel Stories from the Golden YearsPhil Brown

991.Jewish Summer Camps of the CatskillsLeslie Paris
992.Ruby the Knishman and other Stories from the Bungalow ColoniesArthur Tanney
993.The History of Leftist Politics in the CatskillsHenry Foner
994.Catskill PostcardsIrwin Richman
995.The Make Believe HotelPhil Brown
996.Bingo in the BungalowThane Rosenbaum
997.A Walk on the MoonPamela Gray

001.A Panel on the History and the Future of the CatkillsHelen Kutcher, Mark Kutcher & Marge Schneider
002.“Shadow Song”Terry Kay
003.Chester’s Cunbarg: A Focal Point of Progressive Culture in the CatskillsHenry Foner & Larry Rivkin
004.Growing up at GrossingersTania Grossinger
005.“He Had It MadeSidney Offit
006.Sports in the CatskillsJack Landman
007.Bungalow StoriesArthur Tanney
008.Catskill ColorIrwin Richman

01-1.Life in the Bungalow ColoniesArthur Tanney
01-2.Music and GreetingsPhil Brown
01-3.“Searching for the Ruins”Phil Brown
01-4.Catskills ComedyJoe Dorinson
01-5.“Sullivan County Borscht Belt”Irwin Richman
01-6.“Gangsters in the Catskills”John Conway
01-7.Displaced Persons: Growing Up American After the HolocaustJoseph Berger
01-8.A Reading of “Paradise, New York”Pollack, Author
01-9.Summer on a Mountain of SpicesHarvey Jacobs

02-1.“Speak Out” Panel: Stories of the CatskillsPanel
02-2.White Roe Before World War IIJohn Weiner
02-3.Remember GrossingersBunny Grossinger
02-4.Borscht Belt Bungalows: The Tour (2 Tapes)Irwin Richman
02-5.Our Lives as Jewish Farmers in the Catskills: Panel (2 Tapes)Steinber, Moderator

03-1.Ain’t No Mountain High: Hoop Dreams in the Borscht BeltDorinson & Foner
03-2.Jewish Leisure and VacationingDeborah Dash Moore
03-3.Rabbi in the AtticEileen Pollack
03-4.On Writing the Screenplay for “Sweet Lorraine”Shelly Altman

04-1.A Bintl Briv: Readings of Letters to the Catskills InstituteRichman & Brown
04-2.Resort Architecture in the CatskillsRobert Dadras
04-3.The Luxurious Left: A History of White Lake LodgeKranson & Foner
04-4.Running Hotels and Bungalow ColoniesHaas & Lipkowitz
04-5.Local Businesses and the ResortsCohen & Gold
04-6.The Search for the Cure and Its Impact on Sullivan County: The Sanitarium Movement in AmericaJohn Conway

05-1.Staging the Ideal Jewish Community: Women Hotel Owners in the Catskills, 1950-1970Rachel Kranson
05-2.From Alan King to Billy Crystal: The Changing Face of Catskills ComedyJoe Dorinson
05-3.For the Amusement of the Guests: How Gertrude Berg Brought the Catskills to Radio and TelevisionSamantha Goldstein
05-4.Catskills and Context: Putting Together a Museum Exhibition on Jewish-American Vacation CultureMelissa Martens
05-5.My Yiddishe/Red Hot Mama: A Short History of Jewish Women in ComedyJoyce Antler
05-6.What to Wear When You’re Fighting the Patriarchy: Lessons from a Jewish Feminist’s DaughterLauren Antler
05-7.Catskills Revisited: Creating a Book for Young ReadersYvonne David
05-8.The Unkosher Comediennes: From Sophie Tucker to Joan RiversSarah Blacher Cohen

06-1.Two Nipples for a DimeEileen Pollack
06-2.From Hester Street to Route 17: Feature Filmmakers Document the CatskillsJoan & Raphael Silver
06-3.The Catskills on 78s: Commercial Recordings About the Catskills 1906-1955Henry Sapoznik
06-4.Borscht Belt Bungalows, Chapter XVI: Leaving the CatskillsIrwin Richman
06-5.A Walk Down Memory Lane: Show Biz in the Catskills from the 1930s to the PresentJackie Horner