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Documentary on Holocaust Survivor Bungalow Colony: 99 Geiger Road and Four Seasons Movie.

Catskill Sonata: a play by Michael Ellis / The Hayworth, CA / April 2007

Golem Rocks: the mock wedding from the Catskills / The Knitting Factory, CA / June 2005

Joe & Betty: by Murray Mednick / dir by Diane Robinson / 2100 Square Feet, CA / 2001

Bungalow Bunnies: musical by Gary Waldman / Wilton Playhouse, FL / Oct 2001

Last Chance for Happiness: by Joel Greenhouse / dir by Lester Shane / Terry Schreiber Studio, NY / 2000

Grossinger's, The Last Resort: musical performed by LA Jewish Symphony / Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, CA / June 2000