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Other Research

Outside researchers and post docs who used the facilities or sent samples for analysis

Recent and Current Projects (2014-present):

M Lengerich and E Yazbak, HMSolution, RI Commerce Corp Innovation Grant; Arsenic removal from water (User: PIs and L Messier, 2016)

S Das, WHOI, Water isotopes of ice core samples (User: M Osman, 2014, 2015, 2016)

C Born, RI Hospital, Weiss Laboratory for Orthopaedic Trauma Research, silver analyses using GFAAS (Users: D Garcia, students, 2015, 2016)

CytoSolv, Inc, collaborative project with E Mathiowitz Lab, Calcium research (User: D Lavin, 2015)

M Bingham, Milton Academy, Water isotopes of ice core samples (2015)

D Cardace, URI Dept of Geosciences, Water Isotopes (2014, 2016)

L Meyerson, URI Dept of Natural Resources Science, carbon and nitrogen content of Phragmites and plants (Users: S Wigginton and students, 2014, 2015)

R Lohmann, URI Graduate School of Oceanography, Mercury in seal milk (User: D Adelman, 2014)

O Andreev, URI Dept of Physics, iron and gold in samples (User: M Chaminda, 2014)

T Fahey, Dept of Natural Resources, Cornell University, carbon and nitrogen content of Hubbard Brook Forest soils (User: L Messier, 2014)

Past Projects (2005-2013):

Laura Meyerson, URI/Natural Resources Science: CN analyses of plants

Dawn Cardace, URI/Geosciences: Water Isotopes

Richard Potts, Smithsonian-Human Origins Program: CN, TIC, IRMS analyses of lake sediments from Olorgesaillie, Kenya

Christopher Born/Nhiem Tran, RI Hospital-Weiss Laboratory for Orthopaedic Trauma Research: trace elemental analysis using GFAAS

David Taylor, Roger Williams/Dept of Biology and Marine Biology: CN of sediments and Hg analyses of sediments and fish tissues

Stephen O'Shea, Roger Williams/Dept of Chemistry and Physics: Hg and elemental chemistry of oyster tissues

Mark Rosenzweig, Yale/Economic Growth Center: Sample prep of toenail clippings for As analysis

Matthew Higginson, UMass-Dartmouth SMAST (cooperative project w/ D. Murray): elemental analysis on ICP

Rajesh Agnihotri, UMass Dartmouth SMAST (cooperative project w/ D. Murray): elemental analysis on ICP

Kelly Kryc (cooperative project w/ D. Murray), Boston University: chemical extractions

Michael Prentice (cooperative project w/ D. Murray), U New Hampshire: CN analysis, flux fusion sample prep, elemental analysis on ICP work performed by technician and graduate student)

Veronica Willmott Puig, Hamilton College: CN analyses, work performed by technician

Ruth Yani, Syracuse University: CN analyses, work performed by technician

Kira Lawrence, Lafayette University (cooperative project w/ T. Herbert): biogenic silica analyses, work performed by visiting student

Krysta Ryzewski, Brown Anthropology: Soils and artifacts