Brown University Center for Computational Molecular Biology

Past Events

CCMB Distinguished Technology Lecture Series: 2006-2007|2007-2008

CCMB Grantsmanship Lecture Series: 2009-2010

CCMB Distinguished Lectures Series: 2005-2006|2006-2007|2007-2008|2008-2009

CCMB Seminar Series: 2002-2003|2004-2005|2005-2006|2006-2007|2007-2008

University Events:
2006: December 2006 Symposium
2007-2008: Brown University Day at IBM
2008-2009: CCMB Open House 4th Annual Poster Session
2009-2010: Artemis Visit May 2010 Symposium 5th Annual Poster Session

Upcoming Events

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May 2010 Symposium lectures and Q&A sessions posted online in HD!
View the schedule of the talks and streaming video.


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