Ari Valentine Schrier

First grandchild of The Editor and The Founding Editor, born October 8, 1996

Eli Bernard Schrier

Brother of Ari, born April 16, 1999

Also the sons of Evan J. and Allyson Valentine Schrier

(and also the grandsons of Carol and Arnold Valentine, Kathy and Ken Douglass, and Paul Wilde)

Ari and Eli, August, 1999

Daddy Evan and Aunt Marya, August, 1964

Ari, aged 15 months

Aunt Marya, aged 24 months

Eli, aged 9 months

Daddy Evan, aged 9 months

Grampa Allan, aged 9 months

Great Grampa Bernie, aged 18 months

Summer 2000

March 2002

Summer 2004

October 2004

December 2005

In praise of Grandsons...

Song by Robert Mathiesen

I am the very model of an electronic grandmama,
My pictures can be accessed everywhere from Maine to Panama,
I know my grandsons' every word, their every deed historical,
For everything that those boys do is really quite adorable!

Last Updated December 18, 2010
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