Kyle Rosenblad (former thesis student and long-term collaborator in Sax Lab) begins his PhD program at UC Berkeley with David Ackerly. August 2019

Bailey McLaughlin (former thesis student and lab manager in the Sax Lab) begins her PhD program at Univ of Maine with Brian McGill. August 2019

Article by Rosenblad, Perret and Sax, receives press attention, e.g., Popular Science - July 2018

Emily Hollenbeck (graduate student in Sax Lab) completes her PhD. Congratulations Emily! December 2018

Sarah Ivory (postdoc in Sax Lab) begins faculty position at Penn State University. July 2018

Dov Sax begins 2-year term as President of the International Biogeography Society. January 2017.

Thomson Reuters lists Dov Sax as a highly cited researcher. September 2016

John Zinda (posdoc in Sax Lab) starts faculty position at Cornell. July 2016

Sarah Ivory (postdoc in Sax Lab) has research featured in Science. June 2016.

Grant funding from DoD begins in study of species responses to climate change. June 2015

Dov Sax begins 2-year term as President-Elect of the International Biogeography Society. January 2015

The New York Times features work from the Sax Lab. October 2014, Link

John Zinda (postdoc in the Sax Lab) receives 3 years of independent funding from NSF! spring 2014

Regan Early (former postdoc in the Sax Lab) begins her faculty position at the University of Exeter! January 2014

The Research Highlights section of Nature features work from the Sax Lab. October 2011, Link

Matt Heard completed his PhD, September 2011. Congrats Matt! See more about his work at this site: Link

News coverage on BBC website of climate paths paper by Regan early and Dov Sax.
October, 2011

Nature 'Journal Club' posting by Dov Sax on impacts of speed of climate change for conservation management.
August, 2010

News coverage in Nature on managed relocation of commercial trees in British Columbia.
June, 2009

National Science Foundation: Racing the Clock: Rapid Climate Change Forces Scientists to Evaluate Extreme Conservation Strategies.
May 25, 2009

Yale Enviroment 360: As Climate Warms, Species May Need to Migrate or Perish by Carl Zimmer.
April 20, 2009

Stanford University Report: Wood Institute Names 19 Leopold Leadership Fellows

Boston Globe: Driving Mr. Lynx by Chris Berdik.
October 12, 2008

Friendly Invaders – New York Times By Carl Zimmer
September 8, 2008

Deporting Plants and Animals to Protect Them from Climate Change – Scientific American by David Biello
July 17, 2008

Conservation Magazine: Aliens Among Us.  A round table with James H. Brown and Dov F. Sax, Daniel Simberloff, and Mark Sagoff . April-June 2007 (Vol. 8, No. 2)

Eco-Defense against Invasions by Virginia Gewin in PLOS Biology












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