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The opening of this facility in August 2004 added 105,000 square feet of new life sciences research space to Brown University.

LMM is the locus of a continuum of coherent multi-disciplinary studies, from basic molecular research to the development of new approaches to clinical care all undertaken with the aim of better understanding the bases of human health and disease.

Core Facilities within LMM:

Transgenic Facility

The Transgenic Facility generates mutant mice for investigators at Brown University and affiliated hospitals. The service is a collaborative effort that requires close interaction between an investigator and the Facility personnel. While some steps are accomplished by the PI's laboratory other steps are performed at our Facility. We help new investigators with preparations to make their first mouse. For details please contact Erin Paul, Laboratory Manager.

X-Ray Diffraction Facility

The structural biology laboratory houses a state-of-the-art macromolecular X-ray diffraction facility. Two major data collection systems are housed at the Laboratory of Molecular Medicine. A high-throughput system consisting of a R-AXIS IV++ image plate detector, Confocal VariMax optics, MicroMax-007 microfocusing rotating anode generator with a X-stream for cryocooling. A second system consists of a R-AXIS II image plate detector, Yale focusing mirror system, a Rigaku-H3R3B rotating anode generator with an Oxford cryogenic low temperature system for cryocooling. The facility is used extensively for the elucidation of 3D structures of many biological macromolecules, including soluble and membrane proteins and large multi-component complexes.

This facility is shared by three crystallography groups (Yeh, Jogl, Page); if you would like more information regarding the X-ray diffraction facility please contact Joanne Yeh.

Mass Spectrometry Facility

The mass spectrometry suite is on the first floor of LMM. This facility houses an LTQ-FTICR mass spectrometer from thermofinnigan which incorporates an extremely sensitive and fast hybrid linear ion trap mass spectromter and Fourier transfor ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer which posesses unparalleled mass accuracy and resolution. This room also houses other equipment related to our fully automated proteomic technology platform such as a speedvac, laser puller for pulling electrospray emitter tips on glass capillaries, 4 pressure bombs for capillary packing, and multi dimensional HPLC setups which direclty interface our mass spectromter through a home-made visual basic control interface. This instrumentation is capable of unattended, highly sensitive analysis of proteomic samples by multidimensional nanospray LC MS/MS. Also a QSTAR X and SELDI mass spectrometers, peptide synthesis, and automated 2D gel electrophoresis systems are available nearby to LMM in the Brown Proteomic Core Facility in the Coro building.