Mr. BARBADORO: Did you also meet with Vice President Bush prior to going to the Central American country?

Mr. RODRIGUEZ: Yes, sir. I asked Mr. Gregg that I had an interest in meeting the Vice President, so he arranged for me—I believe it was the 29th of January—for a very, very brief meeting

Mr. BARBADORO: That is 1985?

Mr. RODRIGUEZ: 1985. It was not even recorded. I was just to go in and shake hands. We spent a little longer time, because as I recall, it was a news program where they had the Vice President's family, so we watch it together, and I show him my album, and he was very interested in my life story.

Mr. BARBADORO: Did you tell the Vice President that you intended to go to this Central American country to assist them with your helicopter concept?

Mr. RODRIGUEZ: Yes, I did, sir.

Mr. BARBADORO: Did you have any discussion with the Vice President at that time about the Contras?

Mr. RODRIGUEZ: No, sir. None whatsoever.

Mr. BARBADORO: How long did that meeting last?

Mr. RODRIGUEZ: Well, it took probably a little bit longer than we expected, because he was actually watching a TV program with his family. Actually, our conversation was specifically showing my album. I even brought him an album where I have a picture taken with Che Guevera and others, and I think it was very interesting for him to see it. After that, we shook hands, and I left.