Mr. NORTH: Director Casey and I talked at length on a variety of occasions about the use of those moneys to support other operations besides the Nicaraguan operation, and you no doubt have seen records of my accounting of other activities that were planned beyond the Nicaraguan Resistance.

We always assumed, not just Director Casey and I, but all those of us who worked within the Government on this problem of democracy in Central America, that there would come a time again, as indeed it did, where the Congress would make available the moneys necessary to support the Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters. And at various times, he and I talked about the fact that it might be necessary at some point in the future to have something, as he would put it, to pull off the shelf and to help support other activities like that.

And none of those aside from the ones that we talked about in terms of cooperation with Israel, the ones I referred to in my notes as TA-1, 2, and 3, or TH-1, 2, and 3, I don't recall exactly which— aside from those operations, he was looking forward to the possibility of needing to support other activities beyond that, and that is why I am not exactly certain as to what perhaps was intended beyond the use of those moneys for support for the Nicaraguan Resistance and the other purposes that I described to you earlier, in that I had, I think, communicated that to General Secord and he did prepare a layout which showed how other of those commercial entities could be used to support activities in other places besides Central America and besides the U.S.-Israeli operations, besides the hostage recovery operations.

None of those plans were ever put to fruition before all of this was terminated, but we did talk, he and I, about that and I may have mentioned it at some point to Admiral Poindexter, although certainly not in the same detail that Director Casey and I talked about it.

It is possible, although I don't recall it, that I may have talked to Mr. McFarlane about it.

Mr. NIELDS: When you say about it, it is the use of funds for some other projects besides the Contras?

Mr. NORTH: Yes. Well now I do—I am certain that I talked to Admiral Poindexter about the Israeli projects, the ones that are abbreviated with a TA or TH in the records that I provided to the committee.

Mr. NIELDS: Did you ever tell Director Casey that funds had actually been used to support the Contras, that is funds arising out of these Iranian arms sales?

Mr. NORTH: Oh, yes.

Mr. NIELDS: And I take it on more than one occasion?

Mr. NORTH: Yes.