Mr. LIMAN: And am I correct that you answered yesterday that you haven't yet decided whether you are prepared to waive?

Mr. SECORD: I believe my answer was that I probably will sign the waiver. I am inclined to do so. I have to consult with my counsel on this matter just as soon as these hearings are over.

Mr. LIMAN: But you have had some four months to consult; am I correct?

Mr. SECORD: Not on this particular request. We didn't know we were going to be asked to do this. I was coming voluntarily to prepare before you. I didn't come to be badgered by these questions I have answered already repeatedly.

Mr. LIMAN: Have you not had this request before you since January to waive?

Mr. SECORD: I relied on the advice of my counsel. Let's get off the subject.

Mr. LIMAN: You are making the rulings?

Mr. SECORD: No, sir. But I did not come here to be badgered.

Mr. LIMAN: And you are not prepared as you sit here today to say that these records can be available to the committees?

Mr. SECORD: My answer stands.

Mr. LIMAN: Fine.