Sara Walsh

Managing Director
Extension: 3-3144

Operations and Outreach

Sarah Peri

Associate Director, Operations and Outreach
Extension: 3-1072

Carmella Anthony

Financial Coordinator
Extension: 3-5732

Johnna Fredrickson

Grant Coordinator
Extension: 3-5682

Ivy Hall

Financial Coordinator
Extension: 3-5731

Valerie Kenneally

Financial Coordinator
Extension: 3-1678

Gail Lee

Human Resources Coordinator
Extension: 3-2882

Andrew McIntosh

Endowment and Gifts Manager
Extension: 3-5683

Alisha Plante

Human Resources Coordinator
Extension: 3-2362

Budget and Finance

Jayson Kenyon

Director, Financial Services
Extension: 3-7969

Andrea Capotosto

Financial Analyst
Extension: 3-2678

Jessica Cortez

Financial Analyst
Extension: 3-2907

Jennifer Lafaille

Financial Analyst
Extension: 3-6130

James Adams

Sr. Financial Analyst
Extension: 3-7713

Greg Schanck

Financial Analyst
Extension: 3-1109

Kelly Scott

Senior Financial Analyst
Extension: 3-3108

Reporting and Analysis

James Downing

Director of Reporting and Analysis
Extension: 3-3565