The Clinical Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC)

Mission Statement

The mission of the Clinical Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC)  is to represent the clinical and clinician educator track faculty and to acknowledge and promote their essential role in the success of the academic/educational enterprise at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University.


On behalf of the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, I wish to thank you for your commitment to the educational process at Brown. As Chair of the Clinical Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC), I have the responsibility of ensuring effective communication and successful collaboration of the Medical School and its clinical faculty in pursuit of its educational mission. In order to facilitate this collaboration, I would like to introduce the committee and inform you about some of our programs. It is our hope that they will lead you to a closer integration and identification with the Brown medical community.

The Clinical Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC) is a diverse group of physicians who  serve as representatives of  the clinical faculty and present issues of importance to the medical school administration. CFAC members represent various interest groups within the clinical faculty; including different specialty groups, hospital and community practices, institutional affiliations, and geographical locations.  The members of the CFAC are published on our website and are available to you. Please explore our webpage for additional information regarding our mission, faculty benefits, teaching awards, criteria for appointment and promotion, and teaching opportunities.

The first and most important ingredient of a new faculty member’s successful collaboration within the University community is obtaining a Brown ID card through the Brown Card Office. This card is the key to many of the faculty perquisites. With the Brown ID, the formidable resources of the library,  medical connections and the library's helpful staff will be at your service. The ID also helps you acquire a Brown University User ID which allows you to establish a Brown email account.

To facilitate our important electronic communications, we encourage you to have this e-mail account forwarded to your home or office. Information on this process can be found on the Brown CIS  website.

The ID card also opens the doors to membership in our recreational facilities and the Faculty Club with its reciprocal privileges at over one hundred clubs across the US and abroad.

Another important function of the CFAC is to select recipients of the annual Dean’s Excellence in Teaching Awards.  These honors are given to clinical faculty who demonstrate outstanding skills as educators. Nominations for the awards are forwarded to the committee by department chairs and division directors who submit a dossier which includes teaching evaluations, the candidate's CV, and letters of recommendation to the CFAC for consideration.

The clinical faculty is the lifeblood of our medical school and is deserving of that recognition. We hope that the CFAC can help facilitate expression of the University’s appreciation for the expertise and teaching which you provide and we look forward to exploring new and unique ways of highlighting this commitment.  I welcome any and all suggestions you may have in this regard.

Philip Salko, MD, FAAFP, CAQSM