The Charge, Membership, and Terms of Service


I. The Charge
The Clinical Faculty Advisory Committee (CFAC) shall serve as the primary representative committee for the Clinical Faculty (that is, those faculty members in the Clinician Educator and Clinical tracks) to the Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences (herein, Dean).

It shall address matters that are of concern to the Clinical Faculty, and will make recommendations to the Dean or designee when necessary.

It shall have the opportunity to review policies and procedures of the medical school relating to appointments, reappointments, and promotions of the Clinical Faculty and to make recommendations to the Dean or designee when necessary.

It shall make recommendations to the Dean or designee concerning recognition of the Clinical Faculty for exemplary service to the Alpert Medical School.

It shall provide consultation to the Medical Faculty Executive Committee (MFEC) concerning grievances of or relating to the Clinical Faculty in accordance with the Grievance Procedures described in the Brown Faculty Policies and Procedures.

II. Membership
The committee shall be comprised of up to sixteen faculty members from the Clinician Educator and Clinical tracks: three officers (Chair, Vice-Chair, and Past-Chair) and thirteen non-officer faculty members.

Faculty members of the CFAC should be diverse and have a broad representation of departments and affiliated clinical institutions.

Members are expected to attend at least 50% of meetings annually, either in person or by phone. Attendance will be monitored by the CFAC assistant and reviewed annually. At the discretion of the CFAC officers, committee members not meeting this expectation may be asked to step down from the committee.

The Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences, the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, and the MFEC Chair or his/her representative will be invited to attend CFAC meetings ex-officio.

A Subcommittee on Nominations will be established by the CFAC and shall consist of three CFAC members. The Subcommittee on Nominations shall make every effort to insure a balanced representation among the clinical departments and affiliate institutions.

The Dean reserves the right to review the membership of the CFAC.

III. Terms of Service
Officers: Every other year, a Vice Chair shall be elected by a plurality of the thirteen members from a slate proposed by the Subcommittee on Nominations and will serve a term of two consecutive years. At the end of this term, the Vice Chair will then serve a two-year term as Chair of the CFAC, and then another two-year term as Past-Chair.

Non-officers: When non-officer faculty member vacancies occur, the CFAC shall solicit new member nominations from the Clinical Faculty. The Subcommittee on Nominations will develop a panel of final candidates for the CFAC to vote on. New members will be selected by a plurality of the sixteen faculty members and shall serve a three to five year term to commence in September of the following academic year.