CFAC Member List





Mirabelle Mattar, MD Assistant Professor, Clinician Educator Psychiatry and Human Behavior - Hasbro Children's Hospital [email protected]
Carolina Cerezo, MD Associate Professor, Clinician Educator Pediatrics - RIH [email protected]
Catherine Cummings, MD, Vice Chair Clinical Associate Professor Emergency Medicine - MH [email protected]
Marlene Cutitar, MD Clinical Assistant Professor Surgery - RIH [email protected]
Michele Cyr, MD, MACP (ex-officio) Professor Brown University [email protected]
Nitin Damle, MD Clinical Assistant Professor  Medicine - RIH [email protected]
Robert Dyer, MD Clinical Assistant Professor Dermatology - RIH [email protected] 
Thomas Krahn, MD    Clinical Assoc. Professor Medicine - Charlton Memorial Hospital [email protected]
Stephen Mernoff, MD Assoc. Prof. Clinician Educator
Neurology – VAMC [email protected]
Linda Nici, MDChair Professor, Clinician Educator
Medicine – VAMC

[email protected]

[email protected]

Judith Nudelman, MD, Past Chair Clinical Associate Professor Family Medicine - MHRI [email protected]
Victor Pricolo, MD Clinical Professor Medical Education [email protected]
Sharon Rounds, MD (ex-officio) Professor Brown University [email protected]
Robert Schwengel, MD Clinical Assistant Professor Medicine - NH/MH
[email protected]
Philip Rizzuto, MD Clinical Professor Surgery - Rizzuto Eyelid and Facial Plastic Surgery [email protected]
Allan Tunkel, MD, PhD (ex-officio) Professor Brown University [email protected]
Lisa Boyle, MD Clinical Assistant Professor Obstetrics and Gynecology - Center for Obstetrics and Gynecology [email protected]
Philip Salko, MD Clinical Assistant Professor Family Medicine/Sports Medicine - Univerisity Orthopedics [email protected]