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The Rhode Island Center for Clinical and Translational Science (RI-CCTS) serves as a central hub to support and educate clinical and translational researchers in Rhode Island. Our goal is to enhance collaboration and coordination of translational research in order to accelerate cross-disciplinary discoveries that improve health. The RI-CCTS aims to:

  • Foster coordination between translational researchers at our partner institutions.
  • Bring together the diverse clinical research resources to provide a home that facilitates new collaborations.
  • Eliminate obstacles that may prevent researchers from pursuing clinical research initiatives.
  • Educate, mentor and encourage young investigators in clinical research professional development.
  • Facilitate research to gather preliminary data necessary for developing competitive research proposals.
  • Sustain a clinical translational research environment by providing the necessary management and coordination of resources.
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RI-CCTS Spotlight


RI-CCTS Call for Pilots! 

The Rhode Island Center for Clinical and Translational Science (RI-CCTS) is pleased to release a Request for Proposals (RFP) for four $75,000 pilot project research grants.

Ideally, each RI-CCTS sponsored Pilot Project award will be made to co-PIs from different disciplines or training backgrounds. They need not be from different departments or institutions, although this is encouraged. For example, a suitable collaboration would be between a PhD cell biologist working on a putative disease biomarker, and a clinician conducting clinical research in that disorder. 

Candidates considering applications must submit 1) a one-page letter of intent containing the title of the grant, a summary of the proposed research, and the site of the research, and 2) biosketches of the co-PIs in NIH format. Items 1) and 2) should be submitted as a single pdf file to ccts@brown.edu by close of business on July 29, 2016. Letters of intent will be reviewed and notification will be sent to applicants eligible to submit full applications.

Please click here to view the RFP


Check back soon for updates on the DEANS Award Translational Research Seminar Series !
The complete 2016 schedule is available on our events page.