Web Publishing

Biomed Computer Services and Biomed Communications work together to provide coordinated access to web design and development resources for the Division of Biology and Medicine.

What We Do

  • Manage content for the divisional website and its major components -- the Program in Biology and Alpert Medical School.
  • Develop and execute web communication strategies and guidelines
  • Provide website design and implementation services

For more information on web publishing in the Division, please email office_of_biomed_communications@brown.edu call 863-6226.

Web Design and Development

Biomed Web Communication assists users in developing a variety of web pages—from departmental websites to online registration forms. 

  • BrownSites
  • Custom Site Development
  • Additional Site Components
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Policies
  • How to Request an AMS BrownSite

    You can request an AMS BrownSite by completing the form at http://brown.edu/it/webservices/self-service-tools/brownsites/brownsites.  You will be prompted to indicate your affiliation with the Medical School upon submission of the request form. All BrownSites users are required to sign up for a training via Technical training site.

    Custom Site Development

    Some departments and offices have more complex needs that cannot be met by BrownSites.  Alternative website development methods are available in these cases.  Please contact please email office_of_biomed_communications@brown.edu or call 863-6226 for assistance with determining whether BrownSites or custom development is right for your site.

    Additional Site Components

    Brown offers standardized blog, event calendar, and wiki components that can easily be incorporated into your web page.

    Web Hosting

    Brown departments, centers, groups, or organizations can host their official websites in the brown.edu web environment. Users can request a web publishing account and a new space to build a site, or simply a web publishing account to publish to an already existing space. For further information, please see http://www.brown.edu/it/services/service/web-hosting-services.

    Web Policies