Capital Planning

BioMed Facilities Planning and Operations (FPO) serves as the Division's advocate and principal representative for all capital projects, physical renovations and equipment purchases.  

We have recently streamlined the request process. The new process allows for the requests to be documented and researched which helps prioritize the need as well as help determine the capital budget for next year. Our goal is to ensure that we understand the full scope of work and cost for each request made for the BioMed Capital request process.  


Project Planning

Proper planning is essential for achieving the best and desired outcomes with a capital project. Our philosophy is to serve as a guide who can gather the requests and gain an understanding that allows us to develop solutions to the request as well as other direct and indirectly-related issues.

To initiate the process, submit a Capital Equipment & Space Alteration request.  

If you need assistance with the form or have general questions about the process, contact the BioMed Facilities Planning and Operations office at 863-2483 or [email protected].