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Stores Operations

BioMed Stores Operations is comprised of two stockroom locations (the BioMed Complex and 70 Ship Street), which act as a hub for the Division's shipping and receiving and the procurement of laboratory gases. Stores Operations is a bustling nucleus for the procuring, managing and distributing of scientific supplies that are vital to research labs for the Division. The stockrooms are a constant flurry of activity, whether from computer-generated orders being filled, call-in laboratory gases being ordered for delivery or received packages being logged and delivered.

The stockrooms carry an array of items, from pipettes and syringes to DNA markers and liquid nitrogen. There are currently two freezer product programs in place: one supplied by Promega and one by Invitrogen. Each is stocked to reflect the most popular enzymes and materials used by the Division.

Additionally, Stores Operations serves as the central shipping and receiving location for the Division of Biology and Medicine. The Division's deliveries are received by the staff in the BioMed Complex stockroom and dispersed to the appropriate offices and labs.

Stores Operations is the primary contact for laboratory gas procurement. Once an account is established, lab staff wishing to order laboratory gases can simply dial 863-2745 and order the needed cylinders, which will be available the next business day.

Stockroom Locations

BioMed Complex, Room 139 

171 Meeting St.     

Providence, RI 02912       

Laboratories for Molecular Medicine

70 Ship St. Room 243

Providence, RI 02912

Campus Mail: Box G-B139  

Phone (401) 863-2745      

Fax: (401) 863-6483           

Campus Mail: Box G-E243

Phone (401) 230-3970

Fax: (401) 863-6476