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Mail Services is Thorough & Responsive to Your Needs

The Mail Services team supports the Division of Biology and Medicine by providing delivery and pick-up services throughout the campus for both interoffice and first-class mail. The team provides services in a thorough and responsive manner and all mail and packages are checked for proper postage and correct packaging, which helps with both safety and timely delivery to recipients.

BioMed Mail Services works in four principal service areas:

Intercampus mail

  • To ensure prompt delivery of inter-campus mail, the Mail Services team makes rounds through the entire Division of Biology and Medicine at least once each weekday.

United States Postal Service mail

  • Mail Services can assist you with USPS needs, whether you have first-class mail, bulk mailings or packages that need special handling. They are your resource regarding mailing forms, mail classes, and documentation like tracking and delivery confirmation.
  • The staff signs for all mail needing signatures or confirmation, and, when possible, delivers it on an expedited basis.

Private courier services

  • The Mail Services team works with private carriers like FedEx and UPS for timely sending and receiving of non-hazardous materials. For those last-minute grant applications or other time-sensitive documents, Mail Services will take care of you and ensure that your files are on their way when you’re ready to send them out.
  • When possible, private carrier deliveries to the BioMed Complex and Sidney Frank Hall are handled and brought to the recipients as soon as they arrive.
  • To arrange for package pick-up, call the mailroom, and they will work with you to ensure your package gets out to the carrier that day whenever possible. The staff can come to you for pick-up, or you can bring the package to the BioMed Complex information desk.

Warren Alpert Medical School student mail

  • Mail Services handles daily delivery to student mailboxes located at 222 Richmond Street for Warren Alpert Medical School students. These mailboxes are located within the student lockers for convenient access, and, for consistency and simplicity, a student maintains the same mailbox throughout his or her medical school career.
  • These services extend even beyond the students’ time here at Brown; in keeping with standards of thorough service, the mailroom staff will forward any first-class mail for medical students after they graduate, for a limited time.

The mailroom staff is flexible, and they will work with you to find solutions for your needs.

To contact the Mail Services team, call 863-1624.