Forms and Documents


Teaching Scholar, Research Scholar, (Research) Appointments (See Searches Website)
Adjunct Appointment (all tracks)
Adjunct Appointment Responsibilities Memo (all tracks)
Affiliate Appointment
Clinical and Clinician Educator-Junior Appointment
Clinical and Clinician Educator-Senior Appointment (CMFA Dossier Guidelines)
Emeritus Appointment (all tracks) 
Secondary Appointment (all tracks)

Teaching Scholar, Research Scholar, (Research) Reappointment
Adjunct Reappointment / Promotion (all tracks)
Affiliate Reappointment/Promotion
Clinical and Clinician Educator Reappointment

Teaching Scholar, Research Scholar, (Research)-Junior Promotion
Adjunct Promotion / Reappointment (all tracks)
Affiliate Promotion/Reappointment
Clinical-Junior Promotion
CMFA Dossier Guidelines
Teaching Dossier
Template: Hospital Support Letter
Template: Promotions Committee Report
Template: Referee List
Template: Referee Solicitation Letter
Template: Teaching Hours Breakdown

CV Format - Biology Faculty
CV Format - Medical Faculty
CV Format - Medical Faculty (Word)
Faculty Reviews Biology Faculty Annual Review
Clinical and Clinician Educator Faculty Annual Review
Teaching Scholar, Research Scholar, (Research) Faculty Annual Review
Faculty Self-Assessment (Clinical Departments) Associate Professor, Teaching Scholar Self Assessment(Metrics)
Professor, Teaching Scholar Self Assessment(Metrics)
Associate Professor, Research Scholar Self Assessment(Metrics)
Professor, Research Scholar Self Assessment(Metrics)
Associate Professor (Research) Self Assessment(Metrics)
Professor (Research) Self Assessment(Metrics)
Clinical Associate Professor Self Assessment(Metrics)
Clinical Professor Self Assessment(Metrics)
Associate Professor, Clinician Educator Self Assessment(Metrics)
Professor, Clinician Educator Self Assessment(Metrics)
Faculty Tracks

BioMed Faculty Ranks and Tracks
Standards and Criteria
GME GME Program Approval Request Form
Policy on the Approval and Continuance Of Brown Affiliation with Hospital-Sponsored Graduate Medical Education Programs 
Sabbaticals BioMed Biology Faculty Sabbatical Form
Searches      Compliance Report
Faculty Position Authorization - Biology Departments
Faculty Position Authorization - Clinical Departments
Interim Pool Report
Sample Advertisement
Sample Recruitment Letter
Sample Job Description
Sample Search Plan
Sample Search Support Letter
Miscellaneous CFAC Teaching Award Application
Data Request Form
Teaching Scholar, Research Scholar-Junior Faculty Extension Request Form
Termination Form (all Departments, all tracks)
Termination Letter Template
Termination Procedures (Biology Departments)
Tuition Aid Program (TAP) Form
(Research) to Research Scholar Track Change Form
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