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4/3/2019 - CMFA Dossier Guidelines (update reflects recent Teaching Dossier requirement changes)

4/24/19 - Faculty Recruitment Information Form added

4/29/19 - Updated multiple search and pre select documents to the PDF Form format 

5/22/19 - T32 Fellow - Faculty Appointment Policy

6/26/2019 - Interim Pool Report OIED language updated

10/11/2019 - BioMed CV Guidelines added

11/7/19- Updated Sample Search Plan to include the most up to date links to external organizations

11/11/19 - Updated Preselect Request Forms for biology & clinical departments to include more space for responses

11/14/19 - Added Senior Rank Track Change Request Policy

12/10/19 - Added Faculty Handbook

2/12/20- Added J-1 & H-1B Titling Guide

3/27/20 - AMS COI Process   ,  AMS COI Commitee Charge  , AMS COI Reporting Form 

10/23/2020 - Biology Departments - DOF Sabbatical Request Form 

12/4/2020 - Updated Preselect Form for Clinical and Campus Based Department (includes updated diversity question) 

2/17/2021 - Biology Departments - Added Peer Observations for Biology Faculty 

3/8/2020- Procedural Changes to Academic Appointment Promotions Process Email from Leadership

4/24/21- Updated Termination Form (includes highlighting the 180 day timeline for continued access to University services and now is in a PDF form format).

10/15/21 - Updated Sabbatical Request Form for AY 22-23

10/20/21- BMFA Faculty Actions Instructions 

11/3/21  - New Faculty & Postdoc Orientation -  Quick reference and Helpful Links 


Adjunct Appointment (all tracks)
Adjunct Appointment Responsibilities Memo (all tracks)
Affiliate Appointment
Clinical and Clinician Educator-Junior Appointment
Clinical and Clinician Educator-Senior Appointment (CMFA Dossier Guidelines)
Emeritus Appointment (all tracks) 
Secondary Appointment (all tracks and ranks)
Teaching Scholar, Research Scholar, (Research) Appointments - Instructor/Assistant Professors (See Searches Website)
Teaching Scholar, Research Scholar, (Research) Appointments - Associate/Full Professors (See Searches Website)
T32 Fellow - Faculty Appointment Policy

Teaching Scholar, Research Scholar, (Research) Reappointment
Adjunct Reappointment / Promotion (all tracks)
Affiliate Reappointment/Promotion
Clinical and Clinician Educator Reappointment

Teaching Scholar, Research Scholar, (Research)-Junior Promotion
Adjunct Promotion / Reappointment (all tracks)
Affiliate Promotion/Reappointment
Clinical-Junior Promotion
CMFA Dossier Guidelines
Teaching Dossier (please note that the Teaching Dossier will be phased out in January 2019)
Template: Hospital Support Letter
Template: Promotions Committee Report
Template: Referee List
Template: Referee Solicitation Letter
Template: Teaching Hours Breakdown

CV Format - Biology Faculty
CV Format - Medical Faculty
CV Format - Medical Faculty (Word)
BioMed CV Guidelines
Sample CV - Teaching Roles
Faculty Reviews Biology Faculty Annual Review
Clinical and Clinician Educator Faculty Annual Review
Teaching Scholar, Research Scholar, (Research) Faculty Annual Review
Peer Observation of Teaching Guidelines and Rubric (Biology Faculty)
Faculty Self-Assessment (Clinical Departments) Associate Professor, Teaching Scholar Self Assessment(Metrics)
Professor, Teaching Scholar Self Assessment(Metrics)
Associate Professor, Research Scholar Self Assessment(Metrics)
Professor, Research Scholar Self Assessment(Metrics)
Associate Professor (Research) Self Assessment(Metrics)
Professor (Research) Self Assessment(Metrics)
Clinical Associate Professor Self Assessment(Metrics)
Clinical Professor Self Assessment(Metrics)
Associate Professor, Clinician Educator Self Assessment(Metrics)
Professor, Clinician Educator Self Assessment(Metrics)
Faculty Tracks

BioMed Faculty Ranks and Tracks
Standards and Criteria
Senior Rank Faculty Track Change Requests Policy
GME GME Program Approval Request Form
Policy on the Approval and Continuance Of Brown Affiliation with Hospital-Sponsored Graduate Medical Education Programs 
Sabbaticals DOF/BioMed Biology Faculty Sabbatical Request Form
Searches/Pre-Selects      Compliance Report
Faculty Position Authorization - Campus-Based Biology
Faculty Position Authorization - Brown-Based Clinical
Faculty Position Authorization - Clinical Department Affiliate Institution-Based
Faculty Recruitment Information Form
Interim Pool Report
Pre-Select Form - Clinical Departments
Pre-Select Form - Biology Departments
Sample Advertisement
Sample Recruitment Letter
Sample Job Description
Sample Search Plan
Sample Search Support Letter
Miscellaneous CFAC Teaching Award Application
Data Request Form
Faculty Handbook
[email protected]
Teaching Scholar, Research Scholar-Junior Faculty Extension Request Form
Termination Form (all Departments, all tracks)
Termination Letter Template
Termination Procedures (Biology Departments)

(Research) to Research Scholar Track Change Form

J-1 & H-1B Titling Guidelines

AMS COI Policy 

AMS COI Comitee Charge 

AMS COI Reporting Form 

Brown Accounts, ID Cards & Benefits

 New Faculty & Postdoc Orientation -  Quick reference and Helpful Links 

last updated 20 May 2022