Medical/Clinical Faculty Recruitment

This website was created to assist the clinical departments in recruiting academic faculty to Brown University.

Brown requires an open search to fill most academic faculty positions.  In order to attract a diverse pool of the highest quality candidates, searches should be nationally advertised and all searches must include a Diversity Representative who will take an active role in identifying women and minority candidates who qualify for the position.

The Office of Institutional Diversity can suggest ways to expand applicant pools.  BioMed Faculty Administration maintains a list of current faculty vacancies, and posts all open searches on the website of the New England Higher Education Recruitment Consortium

When is a Search Required?

Nationally advertised searches must be conducted to fill a full-time position. Exceptions may be allowed when an unexpected vacancy must be filled in a time too short to conduct the required search. They may also be permissible on those rare occasions when there are exceptional circumstances allowing the hiring and/or retention of an outstanding faculty member, enhancing the stature of the University faculty and - where possible - furthering the goals of affirmative action and equal opportunity. Such appointments are sometimes made as “Pre-Selects.” "Pre-Select" appointments must meet the standard that such candidates would emerge as the top choice in a regular search. 

Departments wishing to appoint a candidate as  a Pre-Select should complete the Pre-Select Request Form and submit the form along with a letter of justification from the department chair and the candidate's CV in Brown format.  Questions regarding this process can be directed to BioMed Faculty Administration at 401-863-1672.