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Interim Pool Report/Faculty Recruitment Information Form

Interim Pool Report

The Interim Pool Report  must be submitted at least two business days before the department wishes to begin scheduling interviews and must be approved before any interviews are scheduled.  

This report should be sent to [email protected]  The report will be reviewed by the relevant Senior Associate Dean and the Vice President for Institutional Diversity. Please note that OIED approvals can take up to 2 weeks, so please plan accordinglyOnce the report has been approved, you will be notified by email.

In order to complete the Interim Pool Report, download the candidate demographics form from Interfolio. This will assist you with completing the first section of the report.


Faculty Recruitment Information Form

The Faculty Recruitment Information Form is for all applicable interviewed candidates to prepare various facilities on campus for the potential demands of an incoming faculty recruit. This may include lab space, equipment needs, and/or animal care accommodations. This form should be completed for each candidate interviewed or for a pre-select appointment, and the completed forms should be directed to the pertinent Facilities Manager listed at the bottom of the form. Please refer to the guide below to determine if the form is required for your search candidates or preselect appointment.

When to use this form:

Clinical Faculty:

  • Is this a search for Clinical Faculty - yes or no
  • Does the Clinical Faculty recruit have an existing research program or will they have a research program as a part of their affiliation - yes or no
  • If yes, will that research take place in the Brown University portfolio -yes or no

If yes to all 3 questions, complete form

Biology Faculty:

  • Is this a search for Biology Faculty? - yes or no

If yes, complete the form

Animals: Applicable for either clinical or biology: 

  • Will the recruit use animals at Brown, RIH or the VA? - yes or no
  • Please note this also includes field studies and situations where privately owned animals may be used. If privately owned animals will be used, this would be in the context of non-invasive behavior work.

If yes, complete the form



When to complete the form:

  • During first interviews

Who should complete the form: 

  • Search Committee Chair or Department Chair. Please note Department Managers are also able to complete this form. 

After first interviews:

  • Search Committee Chair or Department Chair will send all completed forms to the Department Manager within 1 week.

Actions before second interview:

  • Once Department manager is made aware of who will be invited for a second interview, the completed faculty recruitment information form for that subset of candidates will be reviewed and: 1) used to assess who needs to be included in the second interview schedule (i.e Facilities, ACF etc), and 2) routed to those appropriate parties prior to the scheduled second interview.
  • Please rout the completed faculty recruitment form for the final candidate to BMFA