Using Interfolio for Faculty Searches

What is Interfolio:

Faculty searches are a balancing act for institutions. Interfolio designed Faculty Search to facilitate an easier and more transparent search process for everyone from committee members to administrators, diversity officers to the applicants themselves.  This online applicant tracking and recruitment system allows you to collect, view and discuss application materials securely.

Getting Started:

Please contact BioMed Faculty Administration at [email protected] for information on how to set up an Interfolio account. 

Start by selecting "Add a Position."  As you work your way through the position creation process, consult the Interfolio help page if you have any problems. For further assistance, please contact Interfolio's help center at 1.877.997.8807 or [email protected].

Help Documentation (with screenshots)

  1. Creating a Position Posting

  2. Adding or Editing Document Requirements

  3. Managing a Position

  4. A Committee Manager's Guide to Faculty Search

  5. An Evaluator's Guide to Faculty Search

  6. An Applicant's guide to Interfolio Faculty Search

  7. Read and Evaluate Applications

  8. Reporting


The first stop for questions about Interfolio is the Interfolio help page.  If you are still having trouble setting up your search or viewing applications, please contact BioMed Faculty Administration.

A few things to be careful of as you work through the process:

  • Remember that comments made on a computerized system are on the record forever; while the administration will not read your comments, they are nonetheless a permanent record of search practices.
  • It is worth reminding search committee members that they can view application materials online by selecting any relevant applicants and clicking the "read" button.  This will reduce the number of sensitive documents downloaded to faculty computers.
  • You are requested to regularly update applicants' statuses.  These can be set so that applicants are not aware of status changes, but a log of status changes is an important part of Brown's federal diversity reporting requirements.

Log In Issues:

Note: Faculty have to sign in with the email address that they were added as users with. For example, if you set up a new user and use their hospital address, they will need to sign in to Faculty Search using their hospital email address.

How To Submit Letters of Recommendation - Letter Writers:

When a letter for recommendation is requested from you, you will receive an email notifying you of the request. It is no longer necessary to have a Letter Writer account to upload letters of recommendation to Interfolio, though you may choose to create an account to organize, store, and send all of your recommendation and evaluation requests.

Note: Often, letters of recommendation must be signed. Please check to make sure your letter is signed if the requester has indicated that a signature is required. You can choose to sign and scan your letter, or use our digital signature tool to create and add a digital signature to your document before uploading it.

Interfolio FAQ's:

How do I know what roles to assign members of my department?

All staff should be assigned a "committee manager" role.  Faculty should be assigned either an "evaluator" role or a "committee manager role."  The committee manager will have a more complicated interface and some abilities irrelevant to faculty members, but will also be able to send bulk messages and run reports, which some faculty members may wish to do.  If you would like to control permissions so that the search committee chair has additional access to comments and evaluations, use the "set evaluators" section of the setup page.

I am running a search with committee members from a different department, how do I add them as evaluators?

You should be able to add any Brown faculty members to your search committee as evaluators, regardless of their home department.

I am running an open rank search, how do I collect letters from Assistant Professor candidates and lists of recommenders from Associate Professor and Professor level candidates?

There are a number of ways to proceed with open rank searches.  The easiest is to clearly identify how to apply as a junior and a senior candidate in the "application instructions" section of your landing page, including specific instructions that junior rank candidates should submit three letters of reference and senior candidates should submit a list of five referees.  

When you choose your required documents, do not make letters of reference required.  Instead, ask candidates to use the "additional documents" fields to upload their confidential letters or their list of referees as appropriate. 

You can also make three letters required, then manually change all senior candidates' files to "completed" once they have provided everything except letters of recommendation.

Will the administration be able to see comments or ratings that evaluators attach to applications?

BioMed Faculty Administration and the Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Development and Diversity are committed to maintaining the autonomy and confidentiality that departments currently expect during the search process.

Both offices have agreed that they will not read the comments or the rankings that evaluators attach to applications, that rankings and comments will be treated as confidential departmental discussions, and that the administration will not use these the rankings or comments in any way during the search process.  

Do I still need to submit Pool and Hiring reports?

Yes, but they can now be filed electronically and uploaded to your Interfolio search.  Just edit your search and choose the "internal notes" section.  Hit "edit," then "add attachment."  When they are uploaded, email [email protected]  to let us know that they are ready for review.