Pre-Select Request

How to Request a Pre-Select Appointment:

Pre-Select appointments can be made to fill the unexpected departure of faculty, an urgent clinical need or to develop a new program. In only rare cases will a Tenure Track faculty appointment be approved via the pre-select appointment process.

  1. Submit the signed pre-select form and the candidate's CV. (Research) Track pre-select appointments in Clinical departments do not require the pre-select request form.
  2. Once the Pre-Select request has been approved by Brown University, the following will be required to process the appointment. Please submit these documents via email to [email protected]

BMFA will route required approvals as follows:

  • Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs / Senior Associate Dean of Biology
  • Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences
  • Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity

Upon receiving all requisite approvals, BMFA will contact you via email for the following documentation:



Documents Required

Chair Letter
  1. Justification for hire
  2. Appointment rank
  3. Effective dates
  4. Funding sources
Chief Letter (if applicable)
Justification for the hire
Faculty Position Authorization (FPA)
  1. Contact info with phone
  2. Appointment terms – date of hire, renewable? 10 or 12 month term 
  3. Position title and faculty rank
  4. Institution that is hiring
  5. Funding sources
  6. Job description and requirements listed
  7. Exact salary
  8. Must be signed by Department Chair, CEO and Division Director/Chief (if applicable)
FPA Form - Campus Based Biology


FPA - Clinical Brown-Based


FPA - Clinical Dept Affiliate Institution-Based
Hospital Support Letter (for Clinical departments only)
  1. Must have name, rank and effective dates of appointment
  2. (Research) must state contingent upon the availabilty of external funding
Sample Hospital Support Letter
Job Description (not required for (Research) faculty)
  1. Administrative duties
  2. Clinical duties
  3. Teaching duties
  4. Research duties and % of protected time
Sample Job Description
  1. In Brown format
  2. DOB and gender on separate sheet
CV Format
Letters of Recommendation
  1. Three letters required for Instructor/Assistant Professor level - can be from within Brown
  2. If senior level, candidate must be reviewed by the Committee on Medical Faculty Appointments (CMFA)
Faculty Recruitment Information Form (if applicable)
  1. Required for all Biology faculty preselects
  2. Required for Clinical faculty preselects who have an existing research program or will have a research program as a part of their affiliation which will take place within the Brown research portfolio*

*Please see description here

Faculty Recruitment Information Form