OGPS Staff

Elizabeth O. Harrington, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, (401) 863-3281

Dean Harrington oversees the office and provides graduate students & postdocs with advice and support for all aspects of their training.

Tracey Cronin, Graduate Program Manager, (401) 863-3281

Tracey manages funding support for graduate students, plans special events and trainings, and helps advise students on graduate matters. She also supports Dean Harrington.

Melissa Walsh, PhD, Training Grant Manager, (401) 863-6279.

Melissa serves as a liaison between training grant Principal Investigators and administrators to assist in the preparation of proposals that support students and postdocs throughout BioMed.

Brenda Slaney, Training Grant Coordinator, (401) 863-2067.

Brenda helps trainees find and apply for fellowships and grants, assists faculty with the preparation of training grant submissions, and provides template modules on various division/university resources.

Cheryl L. Whiteside, Financial Manager for Graduate Funding, (401) 863-1981
Hours: Monday - Thursday from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Cheryl processes payroll and financial actions for the office, oversees the proper funding allocations for graduate students, and creates and looks after the OGPS budget.

Mardoche Telusma, Postdoctoral Program Coordinator and BRRTP Administrator, (401) 863-1614

Mardoche is the Postdoctoral Coordinator and will also be the administrator for the Brown Respiratory Research Training Program.  In addition, she will support Dean Audra Van Wart in the development of new programs for the Division. 



Visit Us!

Arnold LaboratoryArnold Laboratory

Our office is located in Arnold Lab at 91 Waterman Street, on the second floor. Someone is there Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Come visit us anytime!

The main way we keep in touch with you: the Weekly Update

Our office publishes a weekly electronic newsletter, the Weekly Update, targeting the Brown University BioMed graduate and postdoc community. The Weekly Update highlights:

  • campus professional development events
  • notices (conference dates, subscribed newsletters, unique off campus opportunities)
  • funding opportunities for graduate students and postdocs
  • postdoc and career job opportunities

See our home page to view recent Weekly Updates!