Grad Programs Offered

Biomedical Engineering: Exploits biological molecules and organisms to develop new technologies and manipulates living cells to produce replacement organs and novel therapies.
Graduate Program Director: Eric Darling, PhD
Contact: [email protected]

Biotechnology: Studies a range of topics related to the field of biotechnology such as regenerative medicine, stem cells, nerve guidance, and drug discovery to allow students to conduct translational research, from conceptual design through in vivo testing with an eye toward clinical implementation.
Graduate Program Director:  Jeffrey Morgan, PhD
Contact: [email protected]

Computational Biology: Seeks to make breakthrough discoveries in the life sciences through the development and application of novel computational, mathematical, and statistical techniques. Research in the program aims to expoit opportunities emerging from rapid technological advances in genomics and proteomics.
Graduate Program Director: Sohini Ramachandran, PhD and Daniel Weinreich, Ph.D.
Contact: [email protected]

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology: Seeks to understand biological patterns and processes ranging from DNA to dinosaurs, using integrative approaches with genetic models, functional analyses of whole organisms, and natural experiments in the field.
Graduate Program Director: Stephen Porder, PhD and Daniel Weinreich, Ph.D.
Contact: [email protected]

Molecular Biology, Cell Biology & Biochemistry: Studies cellular, molecular, and biochemical mechanisms of biological processes in development, growth, and disease.
Graduate Program Directors:
Mark Johnson, PhD / Judith Bender, PhD
Contact: [email protected]

Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology: Studies the underlying mechanisms of basic physiological processes, their structural components, and how drugs affect these processes to develop cures for diseases.
Graduate Program Directors: Anita Zimmerman, PhD
Contact: [email protected]

Neuroscience: Unites experimental and theoretical scientists who study the molecules, cells, and networks of the brain to advance understanding of nervous system function, disease, and treatment.
Graduate Program Directors: Anne Hart, PhD / Gilad Barnea, PhD
Contact: [email protected]

Pathobiology: Uncovers the mechanisms of disease initiation, progression and resolution by working in the thematic areas of immunology & infectious disease; toxicology & environmental pathology; and cancer biology.
Graduate Program Director: Jonathan Reichner, PhD and Richard Bennett, Ph.D.
Contact: [email protected]