Faculty Mentoring Plan for Postdocs

The Postdoctoral Assessment and Mentoring tool is a component of the Postdoc Mentoring Plan that is now required for Postdoctoral NSF Fellowship Applications. The intent is to document assessment without being unduly burdensome and to serve as a vehicle for discussions of postdoc progress and future training plans between Mentor and Trainee. This is the norm at our peer institutions. The form is not intended to supplant or be in addition to evaluation procedures and forms already in place within T32 training grants.

Postdocs initiate and submit the Self-Evaluation component to their mentor to gain feedback prior to the end of their initial appointment period. Postdoc and mentor are expected to complete the evaluation on an annual basis in conjunction with reappointment. A checkbox has been added on the Chair's memo and PDAF submitted by department manager to indicate most recent date of evaluation/review for postdocs who are reappointed.

A Training Grant assessment tool may be substituted where applicable and both postdoc and mentors have the option of substituting a narrative review that assesses strengths and areas for improvement in place of numerical ratings or use of the form.

The Postdoctoral Assessment should facilitate discussion and aid faculty as they are asked to write recommendation letters and submit information for progress reports.

The following two forms are recommended for use in this process: