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General Information for Postdocs at Brown can be found at the Graduate School website's Gateway for Postdocs.


For those seeking information about the campus climate as relates to sexual assault and sexual misconduct, please visit the website of Brown's Title IX office.

Arriving at Brown

All Postdocs hired in the Division of Biology & Medicine will be contacted by the Postdoctoral Program & Data Coordinator in the Office of Graduate & Postdoc Studies to schedule an orientation for your first day at Brown. During your 30 minute orientation, you will learn about support services, professional development opportunities, ethics training, research facilities, funding opportunities and representation available to you. You will also learn how to complete the I-9 process, register for a benefits orientation, complete payroll tax documents, arrange for automatic deposit of your paycheck, get your Brown ID, initiate your Brown email account, and when appropriate, register at the Office of International Students and Scholar Services. Feel free to review our Postdoc Handbook to learn more.

Salaries & Stipends

It is the policy of the Division of Biology & Medicine that both Postdoctoral Research Associates and Fellows support be commensurate with the NIH postdoctoral fellow scale as defined by the NIH Notice Number. All new Brown paid postdoctoral appointments and reappointments within the Division should utilize the new NIH scale as the expected salary minimum, noting that all compensation is based on availability of funding and satisfactory job performance.

About Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoc Training Status Report - June 2008
Postdoc Working Group Report - April 2010
Brown's Postdoctoral Advisory Panel: Bridging the Biomedical - University Divide - Postdoc poster presented at 2010 National Postdoc Association annual meeting.
NPA Core Competencies Addressed in the Brown University IMSD Training Grant - Postdoc poster presented at 2011 National Postdoc Association annual meeting.
Postdoc Orientation: A Multifaceted Approach - Postdoc poster presented at 2012 National Postdoc Association annual meeting.


OGPS offers several means of communication with and between postdocs. You can immediately connect with Brown University and other postdocs through:

Weekly Update

Every Friday, OGPS sends an email, highlighting professional development events, conferences, important notices, job opportunities and funding opportunities.


Postdocs have access to their own listserv (search for POSTDOCBB) to facilitate communication among all postdocs campus-wide. All new postdocs are automatically added to this listserv.


In response to interest in bringing together members of the postdoc community with similar interests, the Postdoc Advisory Panel has established the Postdocs in Providence Facebook page.


Keep in touch and identify interest groups with similar research interests on Brown University Postdocs LinkedIn Group (search for the "Brown University BioMed Graduate Students & Postdocs" group). OGPS uses this professional online resource to communicate important professional development information to postdocs, including open positions of interest to the BioMed postdoc community.


Postdoctoral Advisory Panel (PAP)

A group of postdocs which represents over 250 postdocs at Brown University. They volunteer to meet periodically with the Division of BioMed's Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, and Postdoctoral Program & Data Coordinator, and the Graduate School's Assistant Dean of Recruiting and Professional Development with a goal to enhance the postdoctoral experience at Brown.

National Postdoc Association (NPA)

The University is an institutional member of the NPA. All postdocs at Brown have FREE Affiliate membership. Consider becoming a member of the NPA, as they provide a national voice and seek positive change for postdoctoral scholars.
1. Go to:
2. Click on Membership -> Join the NPA -> Affiliate Member
3. Enter your information and choose "Brown University" from the Affiliate Institution drop-down menu. You MUST have a valid Brown email address to sign up.

Support and Professional Development

For more information on professional development and other resources, please visit our Resources page.