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Research Facilities

Graduate students and postdocs carry out their research in well-equipped faculty research laboratories. In addition to basic research equipment, tools, and facilities, major shared facilities include:

  • Cutting-edge microscopy facilities: transmission/scanning electron, fluorescence, confocal laser scanning, and photon imaging microscopes
  • Animal-care: maintenance, experimentation, surgery, mouse transgenic and knockout facilities
  • Fluorescence-activated cell sorter facility
  • A recently remodeled greenhouse, plant growth chambers, and controlled temperature rooms
  • Fresh and salt-water aquaria
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facility that houses a whole-body 3MRI system
  • Molecular genetics core with the capacity to analyze genechips
  • Molecular modeling center
  • Proteomics facility including ITC, CD, DSC, and SPR instrumentation

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Off-Campus Facilities

As part of their PhD training, students may also conduct research off-campus at institutions affiliated with our graduate programs: