The Brown Card and How It Works

The Brown Card is the official Brown University identification card that provides access to everyday life at Brown. All faculty, staff, and students are required to obtain a Brown ID Card and carry it with them at all times while on campus. Cardholders utilize the Brown Card for identification, security, and access to University buildings and services. Only the person to whom it is issued may use the Brown Card.

The information on the front of the Brown Card includes the cardholder's name, photograph, Banner ID and Brown ID numbers. It also includes the Card's expiration date and numeric barcode number.

Front of IDFront of ID

The information included on the back of the ID card includes the Brown Card Office mailing address, wide magnetic access stripe, the Bear Bucks logo, campus service telephone numbers, and a brief Brown Card Policy Statement.

Back Of IDBack Of ID

The wide access stripe provides users with appropriate access to restricted buildings (e.g., residence hall, labs, parking, etc.), to Brown University Dining Services meal plans, the associated Bear Bucks Account, and the RIPTA UPASS program.