Brown Bookstore & Campus Shop

All Brown Card holders who maintain funds in the Bear Bucks Account can make purchases with the Brown Card at the Brown Bookstore and Campus Shop. The Brown Card also identifies students, faculty and staff for exemption from state sales tax in the University Bookstore and Campus Shop on book and supply purchases intended for academic use.

All full-time students are automatically set up with a Bookstore Charge. Your Brown Identification Card is required when charging at the Bookstore.

Bookstore Charge Accounts are set up with a limit of $2,000 per student, per year, for the period June 1- May 31. When using your Bookstore Charge Account, charges will be added to your University Account and billed as per standard University policies and procedures.

Please note: Bookstore charges are included in the monthly electronic billing statement managed by the Bursar's Office. Charges are posted in summary with purchase detail information available on the cash register receipt provided to the student at the time of purchase. If a student is delinquent by $1,000 or more with any of their University bills with the Bursar's office, the card will be put on hold and no charges can be made.

It is very important to be clear with Bookstore salespersons as to whether you would like to use your Bookstore Charge Account or your Bear Bucks Account when making a purchase.

For more information on the Bookstore Charge Account contact the Bookstore Business Office, or call 401-863-3166.