What is GET?

GET is a secure service providing students, faculty and staff with online account management capabilities. GET allows Brown Users to view campus card accounts and find places to eat on campus. GET provides valuable information about account balances and spending history, and enables you to report a lost or stolen card at any time of day or night.

The GET portal is available on both desktop and mobile web browsers. Features of this program include:

  1. Add funds to your Bear Bucks account using a credit/debit card. The minimum deposit is $20.00. In addition, if you would like someone else (e.g., a family member) to add funds to your Bear Bucks account, they too can do so using the GET portal. Please provide them with your Brown ID and Date of Birth, which are required for them to add funds to your account.
  2. View accounts linked to your Brown ID card:  Bear Bucks, meal plans and printing. Account balances can be displayed in real time.
  3. Check transaction history: Transaction histories may be displayed for up to the past six months. Information displayed for each transaction includes date and time, location, account, type of transaction and transaction amount.
  4. Report cards lost or found: Log onto GET to report a lost card, immediately removing all spending privileges from the card. Lost cards can be reported to the Brown Card Office at (401) 863-2273 during business hours or to Public Safety at (401) 863-3322 during non-business hours to deactivate campus access privileges.

For questions, please call the Bear Bucks Help Line (401) 863-2273 or email [email protected].

Note: Account information is confidential and can only be disclosed to the account holder.