Door Access FAQ

I want to get into a specific door. Who do I talk to?
Inquiries regarding dorm access with the Brown Card should be directed to:

The Office of Residential Life
Grad Center E
42 Charlesfield Street
Providence, RI 02902


Inquiries regarding access to all other campus locations should be directed to:

Brown Department of Public Safety
75 Charlesfield Street
Providence, RI 02902


For access after hours, or to report a safety or security problem, call Brown Public Safety Office, 401-863-3322.


My Brown Card won't let me in or I have lost my card. How do I get into my Residence Hall?
Public Safety is available 24 hours a day and can assist your entrance into your residence hall after hours. Call 401-863-3322. If your Brown Card does not work or you have lost it, please come by the Brown Card Office so we may research the issue.


If I have a replacement Brown Card produced today, when will my Brown Card work to access my buildings?
The information on your new Brown Card will be transferred from your previous Brown Card in approximately 5 minutes.


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