Frequently Asked Questions

Door Access

  • I want to get into a specific door. Who do I talk to?
  • My Brown Card won't let me in or I have lost my card. How do I get into my Residence Hall?
  • If I have a replacement Brown Card produced today, when will my Brown Card work to access my buildings?

Bear Bucks Funds

  • How can I add money to my Bear Bucks Account?
  • Can I add funds to my Bear Bucks account online?
  • How long does it take for new funds to become available?
  • Can I use my Bear Bucks account to get cash?
  • Does my Bear Bucks account ever expire?
  • Can I see a report of my transactions and balance?


  • I have funds on my accounts, but my balance displays as $0.00.


  • Why didn't my ID work and why am I on the "bad list"?

Card Replacement

  • How much does a lost card replacement cost?
  • My card is fading / demagnitzed or cracked. Is there a replacement fee?
  • Can my department pay for my lost ID?