Fall 2020 FAQ

Fall 2020 Student Account Statement Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a difference in tuition rates depending on if I choose to study in-person or remotely?

A:  All students will be charged the tuition rates approved by the Corporation of Brown University. Tuition and fee rates are published on the Student Financial Services / Bursar website. Students studying remotely will be charged the same tuition rate.  We are committed to continuing to deliver a world-class education to our students, allowing them to earn academic credit toward completion of their degrees, whether we are together on campus or in a remote setting.

Q:  What fees will I be charged as a student studying remotely?

A:  All undergraduate students enrolled full-time and studying remotely are charged the student activity fee and health services fee. Students studying remotely will not be charged the recreation fee.

All full-time enrolled students are also charged a health insurance fee for enrollment in the University’s Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). For plan details and SHIP waiver process, please visit the University Insurance Office website


Q:  Why am I charged the fees when studying remotely?

A:  Students studying remotely will be charged the student activity fee and health services fee.  The student activity fee is charged to all students for the support of registered student organizations and the activities of the Undergraduate Council of Students. All enrolled students may continue to participate in student groups and events remotely. For more information, visit the Brown University Undergraduate Finance Board website

The health services fee is charged to all degree candidates to cover the costs of providing care and access to all resources at Brown Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and Health Promotion, regardless of location of study. For more details on the health fee benefits, visit the Brown Health Services website.

Q:  If I withdraw from the fall semester, will I receive credit for my tuition and fees?

A:  Students who withdraw within the first five weeks of term are eligible for a tuition credit based on the University Tuition Leave Refund Policy. All fees are non-refundable.

Q:  If I withdraw from the fall 2020 semester, will I receive credit for my room and board (meal plan)?

A:  Upon withdrawal, students may be eligible for a partial room and/or board credit. Prorated room credits for students who need to withdraw from a term of occupancy once it has begun will be made in accordance with the housing agreement. The date used to calculate the prorated credit will be the earliest date on which a) the student has fully vacated their room, including removal of their person and all belongings; and b) the student has returned their room key to the Office of Residence Life.  

A student may receive a credit for board/meal plan by dining services as appropriate.  

A student suspended or expelled from the University or withdrawing when under investigation for academic or disciplinary misconduct is not entitled to any credit of room and board charges in the current semester.  


Q: If the University requires students to move out, will I receive a credit for my room and board?

A:  If the University requires students to move out of the residence halls before the housing agreement ends, students will receive a credit on their student accounts for the unused portion of the room and board fees based on when they move out, and adjusted for the percentage of parent contribution to the cost of attendance.

Q: How will my outside scholarship (third-party funding from outside source) be applied in 2020/21?  What if the check is sent to me directly?

All outside scholarships/third-party funding will be applied to the student account based on each student’s semesters of enrollment. If Brown has already received funding, and you are not enrolled in the fall semester, funds will be applied to the spring/summer semesters, according to the scholarship/third-party terms.

All outside scholarship/third-party payments should be made payable to Brown University and mailed to Brown University, Cashier Office, Campus Box 1911, Providence, RI, 02912. Please be sure that the student’s Banner ID is indicated on the check.  

Q:  What is the tuition protection plan?

A: The tuition protection plan is a tuition insurance plan available to all Brown University students on an optional basis. This is a private insurance program managed by GradGuard that supplements the University’s refund policy. The plan provides a refund for tuition, fees, and room/board charges up to the purchased policy limit if a student is unable to complete a semester due to a covered medical reason. For more information and to enroll, visit www.gradguard.com/brown or call 1.866.724.4384.

Q: If I need to withdraw due to COVID-19, will the tuition protection plan provided by GradGuard cover my charges?

A:  The tuition protection plan is not provided directly by the University.  We advise that all questions regarding the coverage, application, and scope of the plan are directed to GradGuard at 1.866.724.4384 or by visiting the GradGuard website.