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Sharpe Refectory, 144 Thayer Street Box 1936,
(401) 863-3876 


Meal plan contracts are available to all undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. As part of Brown’s commitment to the Residential College, all resident undergraduates (except RUE students) are required to take one of the following meal plans for their first full year in residence:


All meal plans are available to graduate and medical students. The contract service schedule follows the undergraduate calendar; graduate and medical students should examine their schedules to determine which plan best meets their needs.

Off-Campus Meal Plan Enrollment is limited to:

  • Undergraduate students approved for off-campus permission by the Office of Residential Life
  • Graduate and Medical students
  • RUE and Commuter students.


Any upper-class student planning to return to campus before the beginning of classes in the fall may purchase a Pre-Fall Meal Plan. This plan offers “all you care to eat” service in Sharpe Refectory. For pricing and other information, consult our website at .

More specific information concerning the terms of meal plan contracts may be obtained at Dining Services


Brown Office Building, 164 Angell Street
Box 1848, (401) 863-9481

The Insurance Office is responsible for the University student health insurance plan.


An annual fee is charged to all registered students. Participation in the University student health insurance plan is mandatory.  However, students may waive participation in the student health insurance plan if they are covered under a parental or private plan that provides comparable coverage (See below for waiver instructions.).  Information and instructions on how to waive the plan were mailed to students in May.


Students must complete an online waiver at  If you do not have internet access, please contact the Insurance Office.  Please refer to the Insurance Office website for the waiver submittal deadline.

Upon receipt and approval of the waiver, the student’s account will be credited for the insurance fee.  Parents/students are responsible for making sure that the online waiver is submitted by the deadline.

Please note that the insurance fee must be waived EACH academic year if the student does not want to participate in the University student health insurance plan.


Andrews House, 13 Brown Street
Box 1928, (401) 863-3953


A Health Service Fee is charged to all degree candidates to cover the costs of providing care at Health Services during the period from late August through Commencement Day. Each student is entitled to unlimited professional visits to the primary care staff of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and nurses.

Also included under the fee are up to seven visits to the counseling staff at Psychological Services. This team of clinical psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists provides evaluation, short-term psychotherapy, and crisis intervention.

Charges are assessed for lab tests, x-rays, EKG’s, prescription medications, birth control, over-the-counter drugs, cab fare, allergy injections, vaccines and medical supplies. The fee does not cover the cost of services outside Health Services, nor does it include health insurance.

Hours of operation, available services and fees, excluding the student health fee, are subject to change.  Please refer to the University Health Services web site at for the most current information.


Waivers of the Health Services fee are available only to students who meet one of the following requirements: students who have been given specific permission to enroll in absentia (students not in geographic residence); non-degree candidates other than guest students from other institutions; University regular employees; special students; faculty; and faculty/staff spouses with tuition benefits. All other students are required to pay this fee.  All waivers must be requested in writing. Undergraduates should submit waiver requests to Jennifer Hodshon, Health Services, Box 1928. Graduate and medical school students should refer to the Graduate School or Medical School section of this booklet for health fee waiver request procedures. Term I requests must be submitted no later than October 15; Term II requests must be submitted no later than February 15. Health Services Fee Waivers will not be applied retroactively to previous semester’s fees.  If a waiver is granted, Health Services credits the student account. Waived students who access services will be charged the full term Health Services fee.


Stephen Robert '62 Campus Center, 75 Waterman Street
Box 1930, (401) 863-2341


An Activity Fee is charged to all undergraduates, the full balance of which is allocated by the student-run Undergraduate Finance Board to support the activities of categorized student organizations and the Undergraduate Council of Students. 


All registered medical students are charaged an Activity Fee each term for the support of registered student organizations and activities of the Medical Student Senate.

Activity Fee Waiver- Medical Students:

Medical students who are registered and not on campus may apply for a waiver of the activity fee, stating the reason for a waiver by writing to the Medical School.


All registered graduate students are charged an Activity Fee each term for the support of the activities of the Graduate Student Council. Students registered in absentia as traveling scholars are not required to pay this fee.


All Brown University students are required to pay a recreation fee each term.  The fee covers access to all recreational and fitness facilities.  It does not cover intramural team participation or physical education classes.



University Hall
Box K, (401) 863-2500

The Registrar’s Office is responsible for recording tuition units, pre-registration/course change, re-admission fees, and applying certain charges identified in this section.


The minimum total tuition that must be paid for a baccalaureate degree is an amount equal to eight terms of tuition..


A $15 fee is charged to all students for late course pre-registration. A $15 course change fee is charged for each course added after the second week of the term.


A $70 fee is charged to all undergraduates who enroll after having been officially separated for any reason, including a leave of absence.  Exception: Students completing foreign study approval procedures with the Office of International Programs in advance are not charged the re-admission fee if they return to Brown directly following their programs abroad.


An Academic Records Fee of $100 will be charged to all first-time attendees in degree programs with a program start date on or after July 1, 2018. This includes students in undergraduate, graduate, medical and executive master degree programs.

The Academic Records Fee will cover transcripts for life (students will have to pay the FedEx fee) and electronic diplomas (for students who completed degrees on or after May 2015). The Academic Records Fee does not cover replacement diplomas.

Q&A/Other Facts:

I am not in a degree program, will I be charged an Academic Records Fee?  Possibly.
Students in non-degree programs with a consortium agreement with Brown, such as Tugaloo, Harvard, Wheaton, RISD, and Brown Employees will not be charged an Academic Records Fee.

Students in pre-baccalaureate programs, post-baccalaureate programs or other non-degree programs will be charged a $10 per student, per semester Academic Records Fee.

I am a current student with a start date prior to July 2018, will I be charged the $100? No. Only students who start a  new degree program on or after July 1, 2018 will be charged the $100 fee.

I am a student returning to Brown after July 1, 2018 after a leave of absence. Will I be charged the Academic Records Fee? No. If you entered a Brown degree program prior to July 1, 2018 and are returning to the same degree program (Undergraduate, Graduate, Executive Masters, or Medical), you will not be charged the Academic Records Fee.

I will be/have complete(d) a program at Brown prior to July 1, 2018, but I returning for a new degree program, will I be charged the Academic Records Fee? Yes. Students who begin a new degree program on or after July 1, 2018 will be charged an Academic Records Fee, unless they have already paid it in another program. Yes, Students who begin a new degree program on or after July 1, 2018 will be charged an Academic Records Fee, unless they have already paid it in another program.



With the approval of the Dean of Medicine, medical students may be excused from attending classes to participate in research activities under faculty supervision for a designated period of up to two years. Such students are authorized to use Brown University educational resources (e.g., the libraries), but are not permitted to register for any courses.

Please check with the Med School or under "Tuition and Fee"  regarding the current fee. (Such students may retain their Brown ID card and have it validated upon payment of the fee.) Students on Medical Student Fellow status are certified as full-time students based on academic plans approved by the Director of Medical Student Affairs.  Contact the Director of Medical Student Affairs for further information, Box G-A222, (401) 863-2441.


Graduate Center E, 42 Charlesfield St. Box 1864
(401) 863-3500
Email: [email protected]

All undergraduate students are required to live in University residence halls for a minimum of six terms and until they receive permission from the Office of Residential Life.  Undergraduates, who study abroad for a term or a year in a Brown-approved study program for which academic credit is received, will be given on-campus residency credit equal to the number of terms of tuition credit awarded.  Undergraduates who take a leave of absence for any reason other than a Brown-approved study program will not receive on-campus credit.


The University guarantees housing for all undergraduates. In addition, Brown limits the number of students who receive permission to live off-campus. The following is the University policy pertaining to on-campus and off-campus residency.  Transfer students may apply for permission to live off-campus only when they have achieved seventh term standing.

The University reserves the right to deny an application for off-campus permission to a student who has a record of a violation of the student disciplinary code or other University rules and regulations.

Things to know:


Page-Robinson Hall, 4th floor
Box 1973, (401) 863-3555


The Office of International Programs (OIP) coordinates all study abroad undertaken by Brown undergraduates for credit toward their Brown degree. Study at some universities abroad is sponsored as part of an arrangement between Brown and the partner university, and students enroll through Brown. Alternatively, students may apply for approval to study at universities that do not have agreements with Brown or in programs sponsored by other U.S. universities.   


At present, Brown sponsors study at universities in Brazil, Britain, Cuba, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, and Spain. Brown approves alternative programs in over 50 countries.  An established petition process also exists that allows students to attend programs that do not appear on either the Brown-sponsored or approved alternative programs lists, provided students are able to articulate clear rationales why such programs are a better academic fit for them.  

All Brown-sponsored and most approved alternative and petition programs require a deposit (typically between $200 and $500) as part of the application process or a condition of accepting an admission offer.  The student is responsible for paying the requested deposit directly to the program provider.  When paying the approved alternative program or approved petition provider, the student should ask that the deposit be applied to non-tuition costs (usually room and board charges).    

The program fee for Brown-sponsored and approved-alternative programs is the same as Brown tuition.  Students retain financial aid eligibility with the costs of the Brown-sponsored or alternative approved program, as long as approval procedures are completed in advance of the student's participation on the study abroad program.   For more information on how financial aid will be assessed for your program or for the forms you will need to complete, please contact the Office of Financial Aid or review their website at

Brown pre-approval of a student's intention to study abroad on a semester-length or academic year program must be obtained prior to the student's participation on the program.  Information on study abroad application procedures and deadlines can be obtained by contacting The Office of International Programs or reviewing its website at: who do not obtain Brown pre-approval of semester or academic year programs before studying abroad will not be eligible for transfer of study abroad credit.  

For precise billing information for each program, contact the Office of International Programs or review their website at:


143 Wayland House
Box 1902, (401) 863-2541


Undergraduates residing in Brown-owned apartments and houses are billed on their student account by term. Charges and adjustments to student accounts originate in Auxiliary Housing.  Parking fees for these properties also originate in Auxiliary Housing and are billed to the student account in one charge. Undergraduates residing in Brown-owned apartments and houses must obtain off-campus permission from the Office of Residential Life. The Off-Campus Living Fee is charged through the Office of Residential Life and applies to all undergraduates who are granted off-campus permission.


Graduate and medical students residing in Brown-owned apartments and houses are billed rental charges on their student account by term. Charges and adjustments originate in Auxiliary Housing. Parking fees for these properties also originate in Auxiliary Housing and are billed to the student account in one charge.


244 Thayer Street, Box 1878
(401) 863-3168

On the corner of Thayer and Angell Street

E-mail: [email protected]

All full-time students are automatically set up with a Bookstore Charge. Your Brown Identification Card is required when charging at the Bookstore.

Bookstore Charge Accounts are set up with a limit of $2,000 per student, per year, for the period June 1- May 31. When using your Bookstore Charge Account, charges will be added to your University Account and billed as per standard University policies and procedures.

Please note: Bookstore charges are included in the monthly electronic billing statement managed by the Bursar's Office. Charges are posted in summary with purchase detail information available on the cash register receipt provided to the student at the time of purchase. If a student is delinquent by $1,000 or more with any of their University bills with the Bursar's office, the card will be put on hold and no charges can be made.


Undergraduate and Graduate Students: Students who leave the University during or at the end of Term I are not charged for Term II.

Students who leave the University (except under conditions noted below) or change their enrollment status during a term are eligible for tuition payment refunds during the first five weeks of the term according to the following schedule:

Week of Withdrawal          Refund Percentage

First two weeks                                80%

Third week                                        60%

Fourth week                                     40%

Fifth week                                         20%

If a partial refund is made, no portion of the tuition paid and not refunded is credited toward the total tuition required for the degree. When no refund is made, the four tuition units paid are credited toward the total tuition required for the degree, and the number of terms to which the student is entitled for full-time enrollment is appropriately reduced.

Students who are suspended or dismissed or withdraw when under investigation for misconduct are not eligible for a tuition refund for the term in which the suspension, dismissal or withdrawal occurs.

Federal financial aid recipients are also bound by the Federal refund policy for financial aid funds.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for more details.


Inquiries or information concerning payment options, changes in billing name or billing address, late payment charge assessment, refunds, and the Installment Payment Plan (IPP) are handled by the Bursar’s Office.  However, since most of the charges or credits that appear on the statement do not originate in the Bursar’s Office, questions about a specific item should be directed to the office responsible for the charge. Department contact information can be found in the department links on the Fee Charts.

In case of billing errors, the amount in question need not be paid while we are investigating the matter provided that documentation is submitted to the Bursar’s Office prior to the payment due date. However, the remainder of the bill, which is due and not in question, must be paid by the due date.


The Bear Bucks Account is an optional University maintained debit account designed to provide a convenient and safe way to make purchases and access services on campus. It functions much like any other bank debit account with two major differences. Funds deposited into this account may only be used on campus and cash withdrawals are prohibited. Account and balance information is recorded on the students Brown ID card and is confidential and can only be disclosed to the account holder. The Brown Card Office manages this program.