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The Office of International Programs (OIP) coordinates all study abroad undertaken by Brown undergraduates for credit toward their Brown degree. Study at some universities abroad is sponsored as part of an arrangement between Brown and the partner university, and students enroll through Brown. Alternatively, students may apply for approval to study at universities that do not have agreements with Brown or in programs sponsored by other U.S. universities.   


At present, Brown sponsors study at universities in Brazil, Britain, Cuba, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, and Spain. Brown approves alternative programs in over 50 countries.  An established petition process also exists that allows students to attend programs that do not appear on either the Brown-sponsored or approved alternative programs lists, provided students are able to articulate clear rationales why such programs are a better academic fit for them.  

All Brown-sponsored and most approved alternative and petition programs require a deposit (typically between $200 and $500) as part of the application process or a condition of accepting an admission offer.  The student is responsible for paying the requested deposit directly to the program provider.  When paying the approved alternative program or approved petition provider, the student should ask that the deposit be applied to non-tuition costs (usually room and board charges).    

The program fee for Brown-sponsored and approved-alternative programs is the same as Brown tuition.  Students retain financial aid eligibility with the costs of the Brown-sponsored or alternative approved program, as long as approval procedures are completed in advance of the student's participation on the study abroad program.   For more information on how financial aid will be assessed for your program or for the forms you will need to complete, please contact the Office of Financial Aid or review their website at

Brown pre-approval of a student's intention to study abroad on a semester-length or academic year program must be obtained prior to the student's participation on the program.  Information on study abroad application procedures and deadlines can be obtained by contacting The Office of International Programs or reviewing its website at: who do not obtain Brown pre-approval of semester or academic year programs before studying abroad will not be eligible for transfer of study abroad credit.  

For precise billing information for each program, contact the Office of International Programs or review their website at:


125 Waterman Street
Campus Box 1902
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Undergraduates residing in Brown-owned apartments and houses are billed on their student account by term. Charges and adjustments to student accounts originate in Auxiliary Housing.  Parking fees for these properties also originate in Auxiliary Housing and are billed to the student account in one charge. Undergraduates residing in Brown-owned apartments and houses must obtain off-campus permission from the Office of Residential Life. The Off-Campus Living Fee is charged through the Office of Residential Life and applies to all undergraduates who are granted off-campus permission.


Graduate and medical students residing in Brown-owned apartments and houses are billed rental charges on their student account by term. Charges and adjustments originate in Auxiliary Housing. Parking fees for these properties also originate in Auxiliary Housing and are billed to the student account in one charge.


 244 Thayer Street, Box 1878
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On the corner of Thayer and Angell Street


All full-time students are automatically set up with a Bookstore Charge. Your Brown Identification Card is required when charging at the Bookstore.

Bookstore Charge Accounts are set up with a limit of $2,000 per student, per year, for the period June 1- May 31. When using your Bookstore Charge Account, charges will be added to your University Account and billed as per standard University policies and procedures.

Please note: Bookstore charges are included in the monthly electronic billing statement managed by the Bursar's Office. Charges are posted in summary with purchase detail information available on the cash register receipt provided to the student at the time of purchase. If a student is delinquent by $1,000 or more with any of their University bills with the Bursar's office, the card will be put on hold and no charges can be made.


Undergraduate and Graduate Students: Students who leave the University during or at the end of Term I are not charged for Term II.

Students who leave the University (except under conditions noted below) or change their enrollment status during a term are eligible for tuition payment refunds during the first five weeks of the term according to the following schedule:

Week of Withdrawal          Refund Percentage

First two weeks                               80%

Third week                                        60%

Fourth week                                     40%

Fifth week                                         20%

If a partial refund is made, no portion of the tuition paid and not refunded is credited toward the total tuition required for the degree. When no refund is made, the four tuition units paid are credited toward the total tuition required for the degree, and the number of terms to which the student is entitled for full-time enrollment is appropriately reduced.

Students who are suspended or dismissed or withdraw when under investigation for misconduct are not eligible for a tuition refund for the term in which the suspension, dismissal or withdrawal occurs.

Federal financial aid recipients are also bound by the Federal refund policy for financial aid funds.  Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for more details.


Inquiries or information concerning payment options, changes in billing name or billing address, late payment charge assessment, refunds, and the Installment Payment Plan (IPP) are handled by the Bursar’s Office.  However, since most of the charges or credits that appear on the statement do not originate in the Bursar’s Office, questions about a specific item should be directed to the office responsible for the charge. Department contact information can be found in the department links on the Fee Charts.

In case of billing errors, the amount in question need not be paid while we are investigating the matter provided that documentation is submitted to the Bursar’s Office prior to the payment due date. However, the remainder of the bill, which is due and not in question, must be paid by the due date.


Brown University has arranged with A.W.G. Dewar, Inc. to offer the Tuition Refund Plan to our students and parents to minimize the financial portion of losses incurred when a student suffers a serious illness or injury and has to leave Brown before the semester is completed. This elective insurance program provides coverage for tuition, room, health service fee, recreation fee, and the student activity fee (meal plan charges are not insured). 

This is a private insurance program that extends and enhances Brown University's published refund policy. Subscribers are assured a 70% refund throughout the term, even though Brown's refund policy may have expired at the time of withdrawal. Your protection covers a full term from the opening to closing date.  Coverage ceases on the last day of formal academic instruction for each term. 

Participation in the Dewar Tuition Refund Plan is entirely optional.  Plan cost for 2018-2019 is $462.00 (covers tuition and fees) or $508 (covers tuition and fees plus on campus housing). Application and payment must be received before the first day of classes. Students may purchase the plan upon payment of the fall tuition at or from Dewars. Please visit Dewar's website for more details on coverage.


The Bear Bucks Account is an optional University maintained debit account designed to provide a convenient and safe way to make purchases and access services on campus. It functions much like any other bank debit account with two major differences. Funds deposited into this account may only be used on campus and cash withdrawals are prohibited. Account and balance information is recorded on the students Brown ID card and is confidential and can only be disclosed to the account holder. The Brown Card Office manages this program.


Students receiving federal awards are required to submit a Title IV authorization form.  The authorization form provides instructions to the University on how to apply excess Title IV funds from the student's account.  The form also instructs the University on refunding over-payments or on holding funds on the account for a future date. The Title IV Authorization can be found in under the students Financial Aid requirements.