March 11, 2008 Minutes

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
4:00 P.M. – 5:30 P.M.
Leung Gallery

Members: Provost Kertzer, Russell Carey, Mike Chapman, Marisa Quinn, Christopher Bull, John Cassese, Anthony Cokes, David Cutts, Chi-Ming Hai, David Sheinberg, Alison Cohen, Michael Glassman, Lauren Kolodny, Mark Ramadan, Clay Wertheimer, Joseph Bush, David Margolius, Yolanda Castillo-Appollonio, Kathleen Rossi, Sarah Sharpe, Damon Rarick, Guy Sanchez, and Emma Simmons were in attendance. 
President Simmons, Katherine Bergeron, Stephen Foley, Marida Hollos, Michael Stein, Elmo Terry-Morgan, James Doyle, Jeremy Boyd, Carin Algava, Gillian Bell, Nancy Fjeldheim, and David Bloom were unable to attend.

Provost Kertzer presided over the meeting in President Simmons’ absence.

The minutes of the February 12, 2008 meeting were approved.

Mike McCormick, Assistant Vice President of Planning, Design & Construction, gave a presentation on parking and transportation at Brown. Mr. McCormick reviewed the University’s overall strategy, which consists of the areas of demand management, off-street parking, and on-street parking. Examples of demand management include safeRIDE, RIPTA UPass, Zip Car, limited student parking, and the increased parking rates. In order to address the significant additional supply of off-street parking that will be required in the next five years, the University plans on leasing 250 spaces off-campus for student use. The lot will be on safeRIDE and RIPTA routes and will have full-time security. The College Hill Parking Task Force has drafted a report in which it makes the following recommendations regarding on-street parking: implement a comprehensive plan for on-street parking; increase use of public transportation; reduce parking demand; improve safety and efficiency of College Hill streets; and enhance parking enforcement. The report will be filed with the City of Providence after the report has been distributed and a stakeholder meeting is held.

Walter Hunter, Vice President of Administration and Chief Risk Officer, reported on public safety enhancements at Brown. There has been a reduction in crime on campus in calendar year 2007, as compared to 2002. The Department of Public Safety (DPS) has enhanced safety through an increase in security and police staff, improvements in security technology and security awareness and education, and expanded training and drills with the Providence Police Department. The DPS has worked with the Office of Student Life to improve coordination of medical emergencies and serious incidents. The University is conducting criminal background checks on all new regular, part-time, and temporary staff.

Russell Carey, Interim Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services and Ricky Gresh, Director of Student Activities, reviewed how the University’s Guidelines for Political Activities are put into practice by the Office of Student Activities. Student organizations must submit a plan and secure approval from the Office of Student Activities (OSA) for an on-campus appearance by a candidate for public office. As a non-profit, private institution of higher education, Brown is required to adhere to IRS guidelines that prohibit the University from engaging in partisan political activity or permitting its resources to be used for support of such activities. The OSA works closely with student organizations to ensure a successful event that is in compliance with the IRS guidelines. New guidelines for Political Activities are being developed by Government Relations, Student Life, and General Counsel to be more transparent and easier to understand and follow.

No one came forward during the opportunity for members of the Brown Community to address the Council.

The next meeting of the Brown University Community Council will be held on April 8, 2008 from 
4:00 – 5:30 pm in Leung Gallery, Faunce House.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Pincince
Secretary of the Brown University Community Council