October 18, 2005 Minutes

Tuesday, October 18, 2005
3:00 P.M. – 4:30 P.M.
Leung Gallery

Members: President Simmons, Brenda Allen, Paul Armstrong, David Greene, Beppie Huidekoper, Christopher Bull, David Cutts, Barrett Hazeltine, Joachim Krueger, Gretchen Schultz, David Sheinberg, Brian Bidadi, Kate Brandt, Robert Klaber, Emma Tai, Teresa Tanzi, James Gagnon, Robin McGill, Neel Shah, Zachary Ginsberg, Geoffrey Greene, Dorothy Hitt, Tovah Reis, Kisa Takesue, David Bloom, Sarah O’Dowd, Guy Sanchez, and Emma Simmons were in attendance. Provost Zimmer, John Cassese, Stephen Foley, Robert Smith, Elmo Terry-Morgan, Matt Lease, Stephanie Birdsall, and David Kanig were unable to attend.

The minutes of the September 20, 2005 meeting were approved.

President Simmons began the meeting by giving a preview of the October Corporation meeting. The cost of college and its impact on the choices made by students and their families and on financial aid policies and budgets will be discussed. Other items to be discussed include facilities and planning issues and proposals brought forward by the Advisory Committee on Corporate Responsibility in Investing. She concluded by saying that she would report back to the Community after the meeting.

Walter Hunter, Vice President for Administration, and Mark Porter, Chief of Police, gave an update on public safety plans and arming of Brown campus police officers. Mr. Hunter provided background information on the decision to arm and reviewed the groups involved in the arming implementation plan. Colonel Porter spoke about having conducted a thorough assessment of the Department of Public Safety upon his arrival in April, and described the concept of community policing and gave several examples. He then turned to the topic of arming Brown campus police officers. He outlined the extensive training program that each officer is required to complete as part of the arming implementation plan. Included in the 160 hours of required training are courses on conflict resolution, diversity, firearms qualification, and hand gun retention. Colonel Porter informed the Council that two new committees, the Officer Conduct Review Board and the Public Safety Oversight Committee, are being formed to ensure the proper use of force and to make recommendations to the Chief of Police and the Vice President of Administration.

Beppie Huidekoper, Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration, opened the discussion on Brown’s energy policy by describing the recent sharp increases in energy costs and the necessity for conservation. Steve Maiorisi, Acting Vice President of Facilities Management, gave specific examples of the increases and talked about ways to conserve energy. It is projected that the actual energy costs for FY 2006 will be approximately 25% higher than budgeted. Ms. Huidekoper informed the Council that an ad hoc task force on energy conservation is being formed.

The interim report of the Environmental Task Force (ETF) was presented by two of its members, Kurt Teichert, Resource Efficiency Manager, and Kate Brandt ’07. Ms. Brandt reviewed the key findings on trends; including Brown’s increased energy use from FY 1999 through FY 2004 and the energy efficient investments made by Brown over the past 12 years. Mr. Teichert outlined the recommendations of the report in the areas of energy efficiency and utility cost control; energy awareness; renewable energy; and recycling. Jenna Horton who is a member of the ETF added that Brown needs to develop a long-term strategic energy plan that incorporates renewable energy.

Members of the Brown Community were given the opportunity to address the Council.

Three students used this time to continue and broaden the discussion of energy use and conservation at Brown. The issues of social responsibility and financial commitment by Brown were raised. It was noted that there is a lack of student interest in energy conservation. Several suggestions were made on ways to educate students, staff and faculty about why and how to conserve energy.

The next meeting of the Brown University Community Council will be held on Tuesday, November 15 from 2:30 – 4:00 pm in Leung Gallery.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Pincince
Secretary of the Brown University Community Council