September 20, 2005 Minutes

Tuesday, September 20, 2005
3:00 P.M. – 4:30 P.M.
Leung Gallery

Members: President Simmons, Brenda Allen, David Greene, Beppie Huidekoper, Christopher Bull, John Cassese, David Cutts, Stephen Foley, Barrett Hazeltine, Joachim Krueger, Gretchen Schultz, David Sheinberg, Elmo Terry-Morgan, Brian Bidadi, Kate Brandt, Robert Klaber, Emma Tai, Robin McGill, Matt Lease, Neel Shah, Zachary Ginsberg, Geoffrey Greene, Dorothy Hitt, Kisa Takesue, David Bloom, Sarah O’Dowd, Guy Sanchez, and Emma Simmons were in attendance. Provost Zimmer, Paul Armstrong, Josiah Rich, Teresa Tanzi, Stephanie Birdsall, David Kanig, and Tovah Reis were unable to attend.

The minutes of the April 15, 2005 meeting were approved.

President Simmons opened the meeting with a discussion of the University’s response to Hurricane Katrina. Karen Sibley, Dean of Summer & Continuing Studies, spoke about the 59 visiting undergraduate students from the University of New Orleans, Loyola University in New Orleans and Dillard, Xavier, and Tulane universities. The ten local students are living at home while the others are living at RISD or with volunteers. The students are settling in and are appreciative of all the support they have received. Valerie Wilson, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, spoke about the 27 visiting graduate students. An orientation session was held for them and other activities are being planned. Fox Wetle, Associate Dean of Medicine for Public Health and Public Policy, spoke about the 14 visiting graduate students who are enrolledin the Division of Medicine and Biological Sciences. She also spoke about the volunteer and outreach efforts of the Public Health faculty and staff.

A member of the Council asked whether additional academic resources were in place for the visiting undergraduate students. Dean Sibley responded that it was too early to know what if any additional resources would be required. She noted that many faculty volunteered to serve as academic advisors to provide support to the students.

Dean Wilson spoke about Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi, which, though it suffered physical damage, has reopened and is hosting several students displaced from institutions in the Gulf Coast area. She told the Council that the Advisory Council on Relations with Tougaloo College recently had a conference call with the President of the college, Beverly Hogan. The purpose of the call was to determine what Brown could do to assist Tougaloo in the short- and long-term.

David Greene, Vice President for Campus Life & Student Services,reviewed some of the response efforts currently underway on campus. He also told the Council about a recent meeting where representatives of the Brown community discussed holding University-wide event(s) that would raise funds, educate and increase awareness, and serve as a call to action. Greene asked the Council members what they thought of the idea. He was encouraged to move forward and set date(s) as soon as possible.

Beppie Huidekoper, Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration, presented the report of the Limited Duration and Employment Committee. She reviewed the purpose, responsibilities and findings of the Committee as well as the resulting actions.

President Simmons told the Council that she would be hiring a coordinator for the University’s Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. She added that Brown and Princeton are collaborating on the rebuilding of Dillard University.

No one came forward when members of the Brown Community were given an opportunity to address the Council.

President Simmons asked Council members to forward suggestions for future agenda items to the Secretary. Kate Brandt ‘07 who is a member of the Environmental Task Force (ETF) said she would be interested in presenting the ETF’s final report to the Council. The President agreed to add the presentation to the next meeting’s agenda.

The next meeting of the Brown University Community Council will be held on Tuesday, October 18 from 3:00 – 4:30 pm in Leung Gallery.

Respectfully submitted,

Catherine Pincince

Secretary of the Brown University Community Council