President Christina Paxson, Chair
Provost Richard Locke


Sarah Besky, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and International and Public Affairs
Rachel Cassidy, Assistant Professor in Behavioral and Social Sciences
Jennifer Lambe, Assistant Professor of History
Evelyn Lincoln, Professor of History of Art and Architecture, Professor of Italian Studies
Matthew McGarrell, Senior Lecturer in Music
Anita Shukla, Assistant Professor of Engineering
Robert Swift, Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior
Kurt TeichertSenior Lecturer in Environmental Studies

Shipra Vaishnara, Assistant Professor of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Cabinet Members

Russell Carey '91, AM'06 , Executive Vice President for Planning and Policy
Cass Cliatt, Vice President for Communications
Eric Estes, Vice President for Campus Life and Student Services
Beverly Ledbetter, Vice President and General Counsel 

Corporation Member

Kayla Rosen '14

Undergraduate Students

Ryan Anderson '18
Jee Won Kang '20
Anuj Krishnamurthy '19
Alexis Rodriguez-Camacho '18
Chelse-Amoy Steele '18 

Graduate Students

Doria Charlson GS', Theatre Arts & Performance Studies
Robert Kashow GS', Religious Studies
Aislinn Rowan GS', Biology, GSC President  

Medical Students

Michael Danielewicz, '14, MD'18 
Amand Liu '14, MD'18 


Kelly Garrett, LGBTQ Center
Leora Johnson '01, College Admission
Shayna Kessell, Graduate School
Aixa Kidd, BrownConnect
Michelle Nuey, Public Safety
Linda Welsh, Counseling and Psychological Services


Lauren Allister '97
James Gardner '65 SCM '68
Daniel Harrop '76 MD '79 RES '83
Emily Maranjian '86