On May 31, 2022 the Brown Account Tagger (BAT) Key lookup tool will no longer be available. There are no longer any University systems that require the use of a BAT key. 

The Related Worktags by Driver report in Workday is designed to return related worktags (Business Unit, Expense Purpose Code, Fund). The related worktag search can be done using a complete or partial driver worktag reference ID or worktag name,  Driver worktags are: Cost Center (CC#), Grant (GR#), Endowment (EN#), Spendable Gift (GFT#), or Project (PJ#).

Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

In July 2013, Brown University took a lead role in innovation, becoming the first institution of higher education to go live with Workday Financials. This unified system (includes Human Capital Management) modernizes and improves the way Brown delivers financial management services to all members of the University community. With Workday Financials, business processes are streamlined, automated, and more transparent. In addition, Brown’s financial leaders now have better and easier access to data for planning, reporting, and analysis.

Workday Financials also gave us the opportunity to redefine Brown’s Chart of Accounts. The new Financial Data Model for Brown:

  • Meets financial reporting and management needs
  • Enables standardization of financial data and reporting
  • Provides greater transparency and easier access to financial information
  • Improves decision making with better data to support all financial transactions

For more helpful Workday resources such as spend categories, program codes, and sales items, visit General Accounting.  

Please also visit [email protected] for more information, including job aids and screencasts.