Committee on Communications, Alumni and External Affairs


The Committee on Communications, Alumni and External Affairs shall keep itself fully and currently informed concerning Brown’s communications with and relations to off-campus constituencies, including media outlets; local, state and federal government agencies; alumni groups; parents and families; prospective students; and the public at large, both domestically and internationally.


The Committee shall ensure that the University has effective and inclusive alumni, parent and family engagement and volunteer programs in place in order to further develop Brown’s proper standing and recognition throughout the world.

The Committee shall have primary responsibility on behalf of the Corporation for oversight of the University’s fundraising policies. The Committee shall review on a periodic basis the University’s policies and procedures regarding the acceptance of gifts and the naming or renaming of buildings, spaces, programs, and positions. The Committee shall review and approve, upon recommendation of the administration, minimum giving amounts and endowment levels for such gifts and shall, as necessary and appropriate, make recommendations for changes to policies and procedures to the President and the Corporation. 

The Committee shall review and make recommendations, when appropriate, to the Corporation on: Communications, Marketing and branding, Alumni relations, Parent and family relations, Government relations, Community relations, and Fundraising.

On an annual basis the Committee shall receive, review and accept risk management plans prepared by the administration in areas appropriate and relevant to the charge of the Committee.


The Committee shall consist of the President, the Chancellor, and the current President of the Brown Alumni Association, all ex officio, and approximately twelve members, up to four of whom may be individuals who are not current members of the Corporation. At least one member from the Committees on Academic Affairs, Budget and Finance, and Campus Life shall serve on the Committee.


The Committee shall be staffed by the Senior Vice President for Advancement in collaboration with the Vice President for Communications, the Vice President for Alumni Relations and the Assistant Vice President for Government and Community Relations.