Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion


The Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion shall keep itself fully and currently informed concerning the strategies Brown employs to maintain an equitable working and teaching environment, and to increase diversity and inclusion, consistent with the goal of improving Brown’s strength in education and research. It shall advise the President and the Corporation on matters pertaining to advancing Brown’s mission of academic excellence by diversifying the faculty, staff and student bodies; increasing departmental and university accountability; and implementing a set of curricular, co-curricular and student life enhancements that promote the success of all students within an open and supportive intellectual environment, and help achieve Brown’s goal of becoming a national leader in diversity and inclusion. 


The Committee shall advise the President and others on the implementation and communication about university-wide equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives, to ensure that Brown’s work in this area is as effective as possible.

The Committee shall review and monitor progress on the implementation of action areas outlined in the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP), with a focus on the accountability of responsible units. It will, as necessary and appropriate, recommend practices that will ensure that Brown’s attention to strategic planning and execution on areas of diversity, equity and inclusion is sustained over time, including on how progress on how these matters should be tracked and reported to the Corporation on an on-going basis.

The Committee shall work closely with the Corporation and, especially, the Academic Affairs and Campus Life committees on matters related to equity, diversity and inclusion.

The Committee shall provide advice and recommendations to the Chancellor and the President with regard to the Corporation’s diversity and inclusion initiatives and efforts, including membership, training, and ongoing professional development related to racism, especially issues of structural or systemic racism in the United States, and its continuing effects within higher education and the university.

The Committee shall provide an annual report to the Corporation regarding progress on the DIAP and other matters under their charge.

On an annual basis the Committee shall receive, review and accept risk management plans prepared by the administration in areas appropriate and relevant to the charge of the Committee.


The Committee shall consist of the President and the Chancellor, ex officio, and approximately seven members of the Corporation, at least five of whom shall be current members of the Corporation. 


The Committee shall be staffed by the Vice President for Institutional Equity and Diversity.