Advisory and Executive Committee

The Advisory and Executive Committee shall consist of the President (chair), the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor, the Secretary, and the Treasurer, all ex officio, and at least nine additional members of the Corporation of whom at least two shall be Fellows and three Trustees. The Chairs of the Committees on Academic Affairs, Budget and Finance, Campus Life, Facilities and Campus Planning, Audit, Medical School, and Investment shall always be among the members of the Advisory and Executive Committee. Three Fellows and four Trustees shall constitute a quorum.

Any member of the Corporation who is not a member of the Committee may attend any meeting of the Committee as a nonvoting observer.

A secretary, who need not be a member, shall be appointed by the Committee to keep a record of its proceedings which shall be reported at each regular meeting of the Corporation.

The Committee shall meet regularly during the academic year. Special meetings may be called by the President or three other members of the Committee. Notice of the time and place of all meetings, except those held by adjournment, shall be given to each member by the President or the secretary of the Committee no fewer than twenty-four hours before the time set for the meeting.

At each meeting the President shall report upon the condition of the University.

The Committee shall advise the President on matters of University interest and exercise the powers of the minor quorum as provided in the Charter1. It may transact any business of the Corporation except the location of buildings and the election of Trustees, Fellows, and the President. In addition to the powers of the minor quorum, the Committee, by action of the Corporation, is authorized to appoint professors.

The Committee shall have responsibility for reviewing shareholder resolutions regarding social issues. The Committee shall ascertain as necessary, and to the extent practicable, the merits of proxy issues and shall advise the President with respect thereto. In so doing, it should feel free to consult, as appropriate, with individuals and groups among the faculty, students, and alumni so that it can take into account the various points of view within the University community. 

The acts of the Advisory and Executive Committee shall be valid until the next meeting of the Corporation, and no longer unless approved by the Corporation.

The Advisory and Executive Committee shall be staffed by the Executive Vice President for Planning and Policy.


1. Pages 12 and 13 of the 1945 edition of the Charter of Brown University.