Committee on Campus Life


The Committee on Campus Life shall keep itself fully and currently informed concerning all extracurricular activities and nonacademic affairs that affect the life of the undergraduate, graduate, and medical students, and shall advise the President and Corporation on such matters.


The Committee shall review, assess and make recommendations for improvement regarding the non-academic offerings and operational units of the University, including Residential Life, Athletics and Physical Education, Student Activities, Dining Services, and other similar programs.   

The Committee shall review and assess the strategies that the University has or may need in maintaining and improving the campus environment in the area of diversity.

The Committee shall review and, as appropriate, make recommendations for changes to the Non-Academic Disciplinary Procedures to the Corporation. The Committee shall, on a regular basis, provide opportunities for the members to interact with students, faculty and staff regarding issues within its area of responsibility.

On an annual basis the Committee shall receive, review and accept risk management plans prepared by the administration in areas appropriate and relevant to the charge of the Committee.


The Committee shall consist of the President and the Chancellor, ex officio, and approximately seventeen members of the Corporation. Each year the presidents of the Undergraduate Council of Students, the Graduate Student Council, and the Medical Student Senate shall be invited to serve as guest members of the Committee. The student government presidents shall not vote and shall not attend any executive sessions of the Committee.


The Committee shall be staffed by the Vice President for Campus Life and the Dean of the College.