Committee on Fundraising

The Committee on Fundraising shall consist of the President, Chancellor, and the Vice Chancellor ex officio, and approximately five to eight other members, at least three of whom shall be current members of the Corporation. The Committee shall have primary responsibility on behalf of the Corporation for oversight of the University’s fundraising programs.

The specific duties of the committee include the following:

  • Committee shall establish and assess annual fundraising goals and strategies.
  • The Committee shall advise on timing, leadership, priorities, size and budget of fundraising campaigns by the University or its constituent parts.
  • The Committee shall provide oversight of the coordination of volunteer fundraising subcommittees established for specific initiatives.
  • The Committee shall review on a periodic basis the University's policies and procedures regarding named gifts, including professorships, buildings and spaces, programs and scholarships. The Committee shall review and approve, upon recommendation of the Administration, minimum giving amounts and endowment levels for such gifts and shall, as necessary and appropriate, make recommendations for changes to policies and procedures to the President and the Corporation.
  • The Committee shall advise the President and report at least annually to the Corporation on matters related to Brown's fundraising programs.

The Committee on Fundraising shall be staffed by the Senior Vice President for University Advancement.